Revenge of the ticket agents

Quote.."We can also override in shares a "no fly" passenger that should be screened by a GSC. We are just waiting for TSA to find out that shares is a very dangerous computer system when it comes to "no fly list".
This is very scary. Do you mean you can override the "no fly" list and put someone on a flight that should not be allowed to board.
Yes Joe Dirt we can override passengers on the no fly list. It happens all day, every day. This is the honest truth. With sabre it was not at all possible. It is an accident waiting to happen and management and IT know it.
It does make it alot easier on the agents now. We don't have to run 80 positions or page for a GSC anymore.
Thanks Dexter. That is a dangerous situtation. Someone needs to correct this. Maybe TSA should be informed.
I think this no-fly override is a good thing. Even better would be elimination of the un-American "no-fly" list, but for now, overriding is fine with me.
In sabre its tracked... the entry to clear a NOF or Name Match is GRESU/(pnr) and then we'd have to notate when, where, why. That pnr then gets put into a queue to be audited every day. But Sabre inhibits check-in, regardless of sine or EPR code, if the name is a match or near match.

Shares.. no idea how they do it.

Regarding selectees, the OLD policy (not sure if it got carried over in the new AOSSP) was selectees had a certain criteria, as well as the random ticket # (last 2 digits).

and NRSA and selectees: it just depends on the airline. At USAirways, the policy is that all employees of flag-based U.S. Airlines are exempt from additional screening and a few other airlines, but not all, share this policy.
When will the public realize that when they use manners, respect and treat the employee with dignity, the passenger can get anything s/he wants? What is the expression? “You get a lot more with honey?â€￾ Heck, I’ve gotten out of several speeding tickets by simply being polite, honest and non argumentative with the police officer. It works! :rolleyes:
I think it was more incompetence than vindictiveness, but I once had a NW agent at RDU send my checked bags, not to OMA, but OGG.
Meanwhile, the Maui-bound couple that checked in at the same time had their luggage unexpectedly holiday in Nebraska.