Sand Castle.... Time to Run the Airline

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Sorry I wasnt able to respond in a timely manner. Most people on these boards know that I work in EWR. We have a WEST Manager, so the East Manager thing is a mute point. Our Outbound ( The Inbound hasnt broken since Thankgiving )is just a piece of Crap. When it was first purchased only a few years ago, no extra parts where purchased so when it goes down we need to get parts from England. Now, the company no longer makes parts for our state of the art system. Yes we have voiced our displeasure to our management and they assure us it has been passed on. Well yesterday I got the regionals cell and havent heard back. Remember, this is also the station that Anthony Muele came and feed us the normal BS. But durring this meeting he also said... We want ramp agents here for a job, not a carrer. This was told to a group of 20+ year employees. We also have other GSE issues that just dont seem to be corrected because the COMPANY chooses to give the Vendor a very hard time. But the bottom line, is all we hear for excuses is the Tempe is very busy with the Delta Merger. RUN THE AIRLINE we can only do so much with what we have. History is starting to show it's ugly head again.
When the dark side overwhelms me, I wonder if dougie is using DL to distract folks from current negotiations?

Or, "I need you to give to make the DL deal happen, and we'll give it back after the merger."

Just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't make the green weenie go away!

LOL green weenie is a game we play with dominoes as a kid. What are you referring to?