Shut it Down!


Nov 8, 2002
The word "Good Faith" is not in USAirways book, but I bet "Ashes&Dust" will be shortly, I say Dave and company are suiting-up with the golden-chutes.
[P][FONT face=Arial size=3][A href=""][/A][BR][BR]"The thing that distinguishes mature carriers [such as US Airways] from the low-fare competition [such as Southwest and JetBlue] is the productivity of employees. It's got nothing to do with pay," Lauer said.[/FONT][/P]
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[P][FONT size=3][FONT face=Arial]Thats our leadership for you... putting the cart before the horse[/FONT]. [/FONT]
Biffeman, There is no point in shutting it down one minute sooner than it's actually going to be forced too.

I'm willing to bet..that many have learned a leason about trying to bargain or negotiate with Dave in good faith. We tried...and they have failed with our hard given concessions in hand.

They have yet to act on any of the real problems that eat away at U's ability to make money...they think that the Employee's are the root of all thier problems..yet the source by which all will be made right from them again too.

Good Faith bargaining does not express or reward people in terms of which Dave has repaid our acts of Good Faith. (TPA Example)

I do not see any benefit in shutting the doors anytime sooner than what the Judge will conclude as time to say "Game Over"

Allow those that have the ability to stay and draw a salary as long as possible...if we can't make a positive contribution to the industry or the economy under our current agreements and leadership? Allow as many as possible to continue to work....and not become additional statistics to the ranks of the un-employed.

Simply put..Don't Volunteer failure...failure will ultimately take care of itself in due time. So why press the issue..or speed it up?
On 11/28/2002 12:15:02 PM N786P wrote:

The word "Good Faith" is not in USAirways book.

AOG-N-IT Replies..No truer words can be spoken!!

I say Dave and company are suiting-up with the golden-chutes.

AOG-N-IT Replies I guess that makes Dave and his band of Bafoons in CCY a " Cowardly and Dis-Honest version of the "Golden Knights"?

Pardon the reference for those whom are part of the good folks with the United States Army Parachute Team...Past or Present![/blockquote]
Go for it, DAVE. Shut it down...

What are you waiting for " Just call me Dave ". Put us..USAirways out of its misery. Yes, I know all you Clowns at the Crystal Palace will move on with Golden bank accounts. We'll all scramble for jobs, and hopefully never work again in the airlline industry. It's clear management was and is inept and lacking in vision or mission. We won't work for free. Free wouldn't be enough for you.