Still too many VPs


Aug 19, 2002
I noticed last week in one of our usairtoday articles
that usairways was touting the fact that we have
fewer VPs than United. Well, I should HOPE so!!!
They used to have 100,000 employees (now down to 90,000
or so) and we are headed to about 25,000.
I know that their salaries alone won''t get us 200 million
a year..but cutting the VPs down to about 15 or 20 would
make more sense for an airline of our size.
Let us look to WN for the number of executives needed
to run a decent airline.
With all of our VP''s so called expertise they have
failed to predict our revenues..which were going to
be hugely impacted by the bankruptcy filing.
And I think we should see a rescinding of the 6 million
dollar bonus paid out. Just a few thoughts...need
to vent, thanks!