TWU and the Company reached a Tentative Agreement

They may have lost the war, but they certainly gave Detroit an ass-kicking.
That's certainly true, mostly due to stupid-ass liberals (Democrats) on the east and west coasts who wouldn't be caught dead in a car built by Ford, GM or Chrysler. They profess a love for unions, just not the UAW and its members.
They may have lost the war, but they certainly gave Detroit an ass-kicking.
Japan and Germany surrendered unconditionally. That's what we will be doing if we vote yes. And they did give Detroit a beating but it took about 35 or 40 years. I don't know about you, but I don't have that much time left to wait.
With respect to the current POS: I voted no.

The letters of agreement that state that AA and the TWU will arbitrate a failure to agree on overtime and field trip assignments also state that the Arbitrator MUST capture the AA cost savings from their rules without the TWU being able to challenge those cost savings.

The letters of agreement state that AA and the TWU will negotiate, after ratification, the amount of company stock that will be directed to the TWU represented: the TWU did not represent any amount of Company Stock to the five groups that ratified their LBO. We do not know that this is a, "Me Too Clause." The TWU never gave the "ask," from the company to the TWU M&R: we will never know how much sacrifice from the M&R satisfied the total TWU ask.

The letters of agreement do not state that the scheduled delivery of aircraft firmly ordered, and, creating an overhaul swell beyond the ability of the existing docks and shops to perform required maintenance would not permit outsourcing. In fact, the company states that the 757 outsourcing to TIMCO does not count in the OSV percentage despite the fact that the company created the swell by delaying the heavy-c.

We already know that the M&R are paying for the total TWU Concessions Bill: the details are those undefined so that they can later state that we voted it in.