TWU-IAM Association thread

They were suppose to start robbed, under no circumstances any later than 30 days after certification. That was according to the "signed document" MOU. Well, the "Association" will meet, not the negotiations on July 6th. Obviously, MOU's mean nothing to this crew.
"But in no event later than 30 days after certification"
They can't or won't even explain why the MOU wasn't followed.
They also promised that the membership would have a vote on this association now didn't they???
They are not going to start, from what I was told it is the association meeting and prepping for the start of nego's.  Just watch how long this get dragged out for...
 I guess the money questions in negotiations are the 4% raise everyone else received, the Delta + 7% and the September adjustment in the contractual averaging method? 
Overspeed said:
You forgot to read the disclaimer. "30 day window is subject to changes brought about by lawsuits from Local 591 and refusal of local officers not participating in joint IAM and TWU negotiation prep meetings set up months before anticipated NMB approval. No amount of whining will alter accelerate the process or alleviate any financial distress to the membership. Any other outcome subject to the membership's election of new officers"
Remember Local 591 was spending your dues money on trying to block the Association and by default slowing the process that would see you getting DL+7% plus Parker's added 4%. We all got what we wanted when we elected the current group of officers.
Rojas and Knapp for new Local 591 President and VP. They can get it done.
What lawsuit blocking the Association? Making stuff up, again?