USAirways to decide on new jet orders by April 30

Okay, here's a shot at it from the cheap seats...

Widebodies - All things being equal (i.e. - similar prices), the 787 should win hands down. However, Airbus is desperate and still has some cards to play. It's made no secret of the fact that those who ordered the original A350 will get big discounts. Also, US is the only N. American carrier to order the A350 and already operates the A330 - a very good plane. Giving US a great deal on some additional interim A330 leases could make the A350 feasible - even if it doesn't show up until 2014. The A350 could turn out to be a very competitive copy of the 787. If the A350 can be had on the cheap, with interim lift as part of the deal, then it may be the winner.

Narrowbodies - 737 is probably a better performer than the A320 but the Airbus is more comfortable for pax. Similar efficiency. Better discounts are usually had w/ the A320s. If the new A321s have enough range to be reliable for transcons, then Airbus wins.
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I love the 37...

especially the 37- 200

I know it will make it to China... it can make it to Europe cant it.....???? HUH///

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Before this quote I might have agreed to you. Maybe to get US back in Boeing they put aside some choice slots early. At least we'll learn something by the end of next month.

Another article somewhere did state the Boeing has set aside some delivery slots for US if they pick the 787. BUT they have to decide by end of month or they are gone...or at least decide soon...
Another article somewhere did state the Boeing has set aside some delivery slots for US if they pick the 787. BUT they have to decide by end of month or they are gone...or at least decide soon...

This entire "all the slots are gone" argument is amazing...what a great piece of PR by Boeing. Do not think for a moment, that if orders far exceed manufacturing limits, that the big B would not open a second line. The fact that B has engrained this thought proces on the marketplace is reason enough to dump AB, and go with the real player..the one that can provide an actual airframe prior to 2013. Greeter.
Saw a quick news blurb today that China wants to begin producing commerical aircraft by 2020.

Any guess on the launch customer?
Airline might buy Dreamliner jets
US Airways looking at the Boeing 787 line against Airbus A350
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TEMPE, Ariz. --US Airways is considering buying the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner instead of keeping its current deal with Airbus for its A350.

The airline said Wednesday that it hopes to make a decision by next month on which manufacturer to use for its wide-body replacements. US Airways plans on buying 20, which would replace its 767s and A330s.

The fuselage of the new 787 is made of composite plastic, which Boeing said will make the long-range plane more fuel efficient than its competitors. In response to the Dreamliner, Airbus has redesigned the A350.

"The competition is very, very close," said US Airways President Scott Kirby during a media day at the airline's headquarters in Tempe, Ariz.

US Airways also is planning to decide next month whether to use Boeing or Airbus to replace 60 of its Boeing 737s.

The airline is also negotiating with Air Canada about acquiring at least three Airbus A340 wide-bodies that it could use to fly its proposed Philadelphia-Shanghai route.

US Airways chief financial officer Derek Kerr said the airline will likely get the planes before a decision is made by the U.S. Department of Transportation on which airline will be awarded the China route, which will begin service in March 2008.

Kerr said the airline is searching for ways it could use the planes if it fails to win the route. The airline could start Phoenix-Frankfurt, Germany, service or Philadelphia-Tel Aviv, Israel.

Executives discussed the airline's long-range plans during its media day:

• US Airways said it's slowly returning to normal in the wake of its switch to a single reservations system last Sunday. The airline said Tuesday was its first near normal day, with 73 percent of its flights on time. Roughly 95 percent of its flights by Wednesday afternoon were on schedule.

Some ticket and gate agents have complained of being short-staffed at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport -- a problem they said was made worse during last week's problems with the reservations system. Kirby said he believes Charlotte/Douglas is properly staffed.

• For the past several months, Charlotte/Douglas has seen passenger increases greater than 10 percent, and the airport had 20 percent more enplanements in January -- a very high number. Kirby said the increases are because competitors have reduced capacity in the southeast United States, sending more fliers to US Airways. Executives said the airline isn't likely to grow domestic flights significantly in 2007 because there is too much competition.

• US Airways Chief Executive Doug Parker said the airline is unlikely to charge for checked luggage -- something considered several years ago.
Just the latest article, this from Reuters.

CHICAGO, March 15 (Reuters) - An internal debate at US Airways Group over whether to proceed with an order for 20 Airbus wide-body A350s spotlights an increasingly precarious relationship between Airbus and one of its most loyal U.S. customers.