Airbus Order - 320s, 330's, 350's


Nov 28, 2002
US Airways to Order About 90 Planes From Airbus, Person Says

By Mary Schlangenstein

June 18 (Bloomberg) -- US Airways Group Inc. plans to order at least 90 Airbus SAS aircraft valued at more than $10.7 billion to replace planes and add long-range jets, a person with direct knowledge of the sale said.

US Airways will purchase about 60 single-aisle Airbus A320 aircraft, eight wide-body A330s and 22 long-range A350 XWB jets, said the person, who asked not to be identified before today's announcement at the Paris air show. US Airways, the seventh- largest U.S. carrier, chose the Airbus planes over Boeing Co.'s 737 and 787 Dreamliner models after months of negotiations.

Newer jets would save money on maintenance and fuel and enable US Airways to fly nonstop U.S.-China routes as the number of daily flights between the countries more than doubles by 2012. The sale also is a victory for Airbus, which trails Boeing in orders of 300-seat jetliners like the A350.

US Airways ``needed to do something because a lot of their direct competitors have already ordered the 787,'' said George Hamlin, managing director of Airline Capital Associates in Fairfax, Virginia. ``They also gain the efficiencies of moving toward an all-Airbus fleet for their narrow-bodies.''

US Airways, of Tempe, Arizona, declined to comment on the order. Mary Anne Greczyn, a North American spokeswoman for Toulouse, France-based Airbus, didn't immediately return a phone call or e-mail seeking comment yesterday. Phone messages to Boeing after regular business hours weren't immediately returned.

Deliveries of the A320s would begin about 2010, the A330s in 2009 and the A350s in 2014, the person said. The A320s seat about 150 passengers, while the other two planes can carry about 300 people, depending on how they're configured.

List Prices

The 60 A320s carry a list price of $4.38 billion; the A330s, at least $1.32 billion; and the A350s, $5.04 billion. Airlines generally negotiate rates below list price when ordering multiple aircraft.

Airbus headed into this week's Paris air show with just 13 A350 XWB orders, compared with 584 for Boeing's Dreamliner.

A 787 order by US Airways ``would have been a bitter blow to Airbus,'' Hamlin said. ``This was one they could not afford to lose.''

Airbus, a unit of European Aerospace & Defence Co., needs 100 firm orders for the A350 XWB at the Paris show to signal that the planemaker is making a comeback, said Richard Aboulafia, vice president of consulting firm Teal Group in Fairfax, Virginia.

Order Modified

For US Airways, buying A350 XWBs is a modification to an order for 20 A350s that the carrier placed in November 2005. That transaction came in exchange for a $250 million Airbus loan that helped finance the merger of US Airways and America West Holdings Corp.

US Airways has 358 aircraft in its main jet fleet: 205 from Airbus, 148 from Chicago-based Boeing and five from Brazil's Embraer. The A320s will replace the airline's 55 Boeing 737- 300s, while the wide-body jets will enable the carrier to retire models including Airbus A330s and Boeing 767ERs, US Airways has said.

The carrier's twin-engine 737s date to the late 1980s and are its oldest aircraft, according to Airclaims, an industry database.

US Airways already had 37 firm orders for Airbus planes to be delivered in 2008 through 2010 and also has firm orders for 22 Embraer E190s. Those 100-seat jets will be delivered this year through 2012.

Shares of US Airways fell $1.19, or 4.1 percent, to $27.61 on June 15 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. Shares of EADS rose 85 cents, or 3.6 percent, to 24.28 euros in trading in Paris.

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Tell me the morons had the foresight to get some good leases by way of Airbus for the interim? No? Is this thing on?
We're screwed!!! I sure hope they didn't just go with AB because they once again"got something for nothing". It would've been nice to actually have some nice new Boeing's around here again.
We're screwed!!! I sure hope they didn't just go with AB because they once again"got something for nothing". It would've been nice to actually have some nice new Boeing's around here again.

I think "something for nothing" about sums it up. From the article:

A 787 order by US Airways ``would have been a bitter blow to Airbus,'' Hamlin said. ``This was one they could not afford to lose.''
If this story indeed turns out to be true, i would be extremely surprised LCC didn't choose the 787 for their widebody order and Airbus for the narrow-bodies. I just think 2014 (at the earliest) is entirely too long to wait for an airplane that is needed like yesterday. Especially when LCC has these grandeur visions of serving such far-off locales such as Moscow, Tel Aviv, Israel, Istanbul, Turkey, London Heathrow Airport, Birmingham, England; China, India, and Japan.

To be fair, there is little doubt Airbus gave gave LCC a HUGE markdown off the list price to keep them from jumping to the 787. Of which i can't blame Parker & Co. for jumping at the opportunity, but still!!! There clearly is a reason airlines the world are choosing the 787 over the A350 by a large margin. I honestly thought we were going to see the 787 on US Airways property. What's that saying Piney Bob always says about knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing??? Par for the course i suppose?

Did Parker ever announce what aircraft would be flying these new International routes in the interim? Not that this matters to most, but there are some birdies in ATL, using hushed tones of course, mentioning that if DAL were successful in getting the Shanghai routes in '08, we would be putting in an order for 777-300ER's!!! Imagine that, the first U.S. carrier to fly the 777 stretch. Who would've thunk it were possible a few short months ago.
My post from

MORONS!! Don't get me wrong Im an Airbus fan. But this is going in the opposite direction then what the company wants to go in. More narrowbody Airbii.... Great more Tech stops on those Transcons, can't wait! They say they are very committed to increasing Intl service in a very short period of time - That will happen with A350s... That are coming in what now 2013?!?!? I just cannot believe they didnt go Boeing. I will still wait to see the companys press release to hear why they made this decision other than price if any other reasons. I think the head of the Fleet Analyst Team should be fired IMO.
Isn't this the same USair/Airbus widebody order re-worked and re-announced for th umpteenth time?

Yeah 2014 is too long to wait. They'll have to buy some used metal to serve those international destinations.

I believe the 787 delivery slots are full until 2013 or something like that too.

Don't worry, Parker will buy UAUA to obtain all the widebodies he needs.
.. :down: I was hoping to once again see US become a Boeing customer and order the better aircraft... Notice , no mention of the A320's or any narrowbody , maybe there's hope for a Boeing narrowbody order?

11 minutes ago

EADS (EAD.PA) (EAD.DE) unit Airbus has clinched a U.S. Airways (NYSE:LCC - news) order for 22 A350 XWB planes worth more than $4 billion at list prices, sources said on Monday.

Together with 80 A350 XWB orders expected from Qatar, that would nudge Airbus to over 100 orders for its crucial new plane that will compete with Boeing's 787, which has almost 600 orders.
I have a question about a comment that always bothers me whenever these US/Airbus orders are announced...

Why does it always say that these new aircraft will "replace older A330 Aircraft"? The oldest 330 is 9 years old! Are they trying to replace those already? I thought 670-679 UW would be around for 20+ years? (Sorry, I can't get used to that 270AY crap!)
According to Doug Parker in a recent Crew News session, both Airbus and Boeing tied their Widebody and Narrowbody discounts together. The only way US Airways could obtain significant purchase savings was to buy both fleet types from the same manufacturer.

In addition, Parker indicated that if US Airways went with Airbus this would permit some of the widebody aircraft to be growth aircraft, which could be put into service sooner.

Therefore, if reports are true I suspect with deliveries of the A320s beginning in about 2010, the A330s in 2009, and the A350s in 2014, this order would permit growth flying to destinations like "Moscow, Tel Aviv, Israel, Istanbul, Turkey, London Heathrow Airport, Birmingham, England; China, India, and Japan" versus waiting until about 2013 to obtain the first B787.

Meanwhile, CBS MarketWatch reported "US Airways, which announced its original order for A350s in May 2005, was a key customer for the first version, but has held off until now from committing to the redesigned model, according to the report. Its reticence has prompted questions among other potential A350 buyers, but its willingness now to commit could unlock further orders for the plane, The Journal said. Airbus was able to sway US Airways with steep incentives, including an offer to renegotiate existing orders for other models, a move that could save the Tempe, Ariz., airline hundreds of millions of dollars, The Journal said, citing unnamed people familiar with the situation.

In summary, it appears to me this order would permit 4 new long range international destinations to be flown with the 9 new A330's and for US Airways to realize "steep incentives, including an offer to renegotiate existing orders for other models, a move that could save the airline hundreds of millions of dollars," according to the Wall Street Journal.
See Story


The only "legacy" carrier that goes with an all airbus fleet!

Freakin idiots

please choose one

A. Dougie is innovative and he has inside information that Airbus will actually someday build an aircraft that meets its predictions on range and payload.

B. Airbus promises that their new, new, new, new, 350 will actually outperform the current 25 year old 767's

C. Just like Shares, the new Airbus will lead Airways into the future, with unprecidented reliability and factory support.

D. Like Wolfe, dougie has been paid off, at our expense.

Again Airways is the laughing stock of the world
This could all be moot...U may not be around when the first delivery happens.
The real problem is there will be no growth aircraft, the A350 still does not have a complete design nor does Airbus have funding for the plane.

Real stupid move.

Kiss international growth goodbye for seven years.

Here is the confirmation:

LE BOURGET, France, June 18 (Reuters) - U.S. Airways (LCC.N: Quote, Profile , Research) confirmed an order for 22 Airbus A350 XWB mid-sized jets on Monday and handed the European planemaker orders for another 70 planes in a package worth a total of $10 billion at list prices.

The U.S. carrier, which already operates the largest fleet of A320 family single-aisle aircraft, bought another 60 of the planes and signed up for 10 A330-200 wide-body jets, it said at the Paris air show.

Rolls-Royce (RR.L: Quote, Profile , Research) said it had sold engines worth $1.8 billion for the A350 part of the order.


TEMPE, Ariz., June 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- US Airways has agreed to terms with Airbus S.A.S. for 60 single-aisle A320-family aircraft and 32 widebody aircraft, including the next generation A350 XWB. The A320-family planes would replace 60 older aircraft in the airline's fleet.


The airline is also reaffirming its commitment to the A350 widebody program by increasing its previously announced order of 20 A350s by two to 22 A350 XWBs in both the -800 and larger -900 series configuration. This allows for modest international expansion or replacement of existing older technology aircraft should market conditions warrant.

The airline expects to take delivery of the first A350-800 in 2014, becoming the North American launch customer for the fleet type, featuring Rolls Royce engines. Purchase rights for additional planes are included, allowing for the eventual retirement of all other widebody jets and leaving the airline with a single intercontinental fleet type of A350 XWBs.

Today's announcement also includes 10 A330-200 aircraft with deliveries starting in 2009 and flexibility to convert to A330-300 or longer range A340s.

The new A330-200s share fleet commonality with US Airways' fleet of nine existing A330-300s, but with a longer range and slightly smaller seating capacity. Finally, these deliveries will facilitate the eventual retirement of US Airways' B767 fleet.

The transaction also includes 60 A320-family aircraft with deliveries beginning in 2010.

Increased commonality in the US Airways fleet will be substantial. By 2012, more than 80 percent of the narrowbody fleet will be Airbus A320-family aircraft. All three core types of the A320-family fleet are included in the firm order.

US Airways currently holds firm orders for 37 A320 family aircraft for delivery in 2009 and 2010, increasing total commitments to the plane type to 97. Classic Boeing 737-300/400s will be eliminated from the fleet as the A320s are delivered. The narrowbody fleet count is expected to remain stable.

Doug Parker, US Airways Group, Inc. chairman and chief executive officer said, "We are very pleased to once again partner with Airbus. This transaction sets the stage for the next generation of the US Airways fleet, which will be among the youngest and most efficient in the U.S. airline industry. We are very excited about the A350 program and have every confidence that Airbus will manufacture a truly innovative and revolutionary aircraft.

"We know that all of these aircraft will serve customers and employees well for many years to come," Parker said.

US Airways President Scott Kirby added, "After much analysis we concluded the A320 family is the perfect replacement for our retiring narrowbodies, and the expanded widebody order is consistent with our needs to both replace current aircraft and expand modestly internationally. These new planes will improve economic efficiencies by not only reducing fuel consumption but fleet complexities, which will lower maintenance costs, streamline training and help realize flight crew synergies, specifically with cockpit commonality."

"This new widebody order also allows US Airways to continue development of our international gateway in Philadelphia as well as new service from our other primary hubs with two to three new international destinations per year being added across the globe. The A350 XWB will have significantly longer range and payload capabilities but much lower costs than the A330s and 767s they replace, opening up new profitable markets across the globe to Asia, the Middle East and India," Kirby added.

"US Airways operates the largest A320-family fleet in the world, so the benefits of Airbus aircraft are already well known to the airline and its millions of passengers," said Airbus President and C.E.O. Louis Gallois. "We are very pleased to partner with US Airways as they modernize their fleet of single-aisle and long-range aircraft and create new travel and shipping options for their customers."

The order is contingent upon execution of definitive purchase agreements, expected in the coming weeks.

US Airways is the fifth largest domestic airline employing more than 36,000 aviation professionals worldwide. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and US Airways Express operate approximately 3,800 flights per day and serve more than 230 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. The new US Airways -- the product of a merger between America West and US Airways in September 2005 -- is a member of the Star Alliance network, which offers our customers 16,000 daily flights to 855 destinations in 155 countries worldwide. This press release and additional information on US Airways can be