Website Get The Holiday Off?


Aug 19, 2002
I've been trying to check some flight times on the website the past two days and it keeps coming back page not found. Just wondering if the website got the holiday off or what? I had a customer tell me today that he tried to register one of the promos we sent out and couldnt get logged in to do it and couldnt get through on the phone either. We're still pushing people to do things online and then not living up to the task at hand of actually delivering online information. Anyone know whats up with the website this weekend?
I've had the same problem all weekend. Also, I'm running at about a 50 percent success factor with UA flights posting to my DM account. Even with my US DM # printed on the UA boarding pass, the flights are not posting. Anyone else hear other complaints like this lately? (And, it's bizarre, on a trip with a connection, one leg will post while the other does not.)
Is anyone today having trouble's with this sight.???? :huh: It is really running very slow for me. I am not having these trouble with anyothers. Just this one. I have hi-speed internet through my cable and all other sights are working fine.