What Barry has done to our military

Hackman said:
Here's a little truth for you, smart guy. To be the best sometimes costs the most. You never regret buying the best.
You might want to read up on that a bit more there smart guy.  For example the cost overruns on the F-35 program.  How much has that cost this country?  Do a little homework and I think you will be .  Only because you really have no idea because you're to busy watching BS videos made by chicken hawks.  Add to the fact that this supposed super fighter can't handle a dogfight with an F-16.  The plane it's meant to replace.
There are any number of examples of the amount of waste at the DOD which have little to do with buying the best.  But I don't want to interfere with your internet video watching time.
Hackman said:
Bush Jr could have done like commie Burnie Sanders and claimed he was a "contentious objector" and had a real nice cushy seat at home watching Happy
Days reruns.
Instead junior used his families influence to get himself a nice safe job with the Texas ANG.  In that regards I have more respect for Bernie Sanders than I do GWB.  Because Bernie Sanders did not send other peoples kids to die in Iraq when he himself did not see fighting in a pointless war.  Unlike GWB.
Hackman said:
Here is Mr. Whittle with President Coward:  This one will set your hair on fire again tuff guy. 
All I can say to guys like you and Mr. Whittle.  If your so gung ho volunteer to go over there and fight.  What's that, you're too old?  The Kurds don't have a age cutoff so that takes away that excuse.  Or maybe you should sign up your kids to go over there.
If Whittle was accepted in the USAFA, which there is no evidence he was, then why didn't he go and serve his country, seein' that he loves it and the military soooo much?

Because they wouldn't let him have his "dream" job, because he wasn't qualified for it?

Sounds like Whittle loves Whittle, to me.

Make that a "Self-Serving Chickenhawk"