What happens if and when ??


Aug 21, 2002
What happens to furloughed employees if Usairways is bought.
What has happened in the past .....
Well, it depends on what union you are with and what the merger policy is. For instance AFA is Date of Hire. So if two AFA airlines merge, the seniority list would be merged together and furloughs based off that new list. If AFA and Teamsters merged well......a total mess and I have no clue.
AFA was trying to tell everyone this when we gave up our NO FURLOUGH language. Some airlines still have that in their contract. So what if Northwest buys USAir (just for instance) and they have the No Furlough Clause and we don't. They will bring back all of there F/A's and fly our routes and our planes with their furloughed people while our F/A's are thrown on the street.
AFA saw this coming and BEGGED the F/A's not to give that up in case we were bought but.....NO ONE LISTENED.
I can only speak for the F/A group.
We were for sale. We are for sale . We will be sold.