Why obtaining TA''s are better for all US employees



This whole situation is bad and it sucks. But Dea Certe made a good point when she said, You might as well hit the streets with a severance/furlough paycheck in your pocket. It's better than the nothing you'll get in liquidation.
If the company liquidates there is no severance package, no travel benefits, no soft landing MDA position, and no recall...ever. However, if an agreement is reached with the remaining unions and the company, the airline may survive, furloughed employees would have their severance pay, pass privledges would remain, and the opportunity to work MDA would be available (for those who desire this employment).
I do not like this any more than anybody else and just took another $13,000 per year pay cut, but for most employee groups in today's economic environment the proposed agreements are better than liquidation, whether you would get furloughed or maintain active employment.
The liquidation threat is real, December 20 is six days away, and the only winners if the company dies are DL, AA, NW, CO, and other carriers. US needs to get its new labor agreements in place, file its POR, obtain its DIP financing/ATSB funding/equity investment and emerge. Then the company can rebuild itself and go kick some ass!