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    From an AWA pilot

    The next person that discloses a person's identity will have a 7 day vacation. Final warning! AWA320 is already in the cornfield for 7 days.
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    AWA MEC Chairman Special Update

    Lets stay on topic and not discuss a poster.
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    The original post is almost 4 years old. Topic closed.
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    Merger Coincidence or not?

    Lets return to the topic and not the poster.
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    Where is the moderator?

    We are still here.
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    $305 Million 2Q Profit

    :cop: Lets return to the original topic and avoid the insults. IpourNotCan will be spending a week in the cornfield due to their potty mouth.
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    US Airways CEO hints more airline consolidation may be ahead

    This topic is about US Airways CEO hints more airline consolidation may be ahead and not usa320. Keep on the topic or this thread will be closed.
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    J.P. Morgan US Airways Investment Report

    Lets return to the original topic of the J.P. Morgan article or this thread will be closed.
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    Questions & Answers for/from Doug Parker?

    The questions were submitted to the company in late Feb and we have yet to receive the answers. We have not forgotten about the questions and are doing our best to get them answered by usairways.
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    :cop: Don't post private messages. This will get you some time away from the boards. By the way, the next person that insults another poster or uses profanity will spend a few days in the cornfield.
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    vanishing threads

    Thanks greeter. A link should have been provided by the moderator when they moved the original thread to the regional forum.
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    Please return to the topic.
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    Oil Prices Near $50 Per Barrel...again

    This topic has run its course and has gotten way off topic.
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    Cwa Update 11/18/2004

    Lets return to discussing the original topic. Take the personal comments to pm. Thanks.
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    U Files To Reject Labor Agreements

    Correct and the comment about working on the 8th floor from 700. We do our best to prevent posters from using mutiple usernames, as we can track this very easily. Your IP address is displayed to the moderators/admin on each posting. To end the repetitive postings about this subject, a320 and the...