AFA alleges interference


Nov 12, 2005
Low and Slow
ATLANTA (AP) -- Delta Air Lines Inc. says the Association of Flight Attendants is claiming the company interfered in a recent union election.

The union narrowly lost the election to represent 20,000 Delta flight attendants earlier this month. Union officials immediately claimed the company improperly influenced flight attendants to vote against the union.

Delta says the union is disregarding the will of the majority of flight attendants. The airline says the interference claim will keep it from matching pay and benefits between flight attendants who came from Northwest and those who have been at Delta all along. Delta bought Northwest in 2008.

The National Mediation Board will look into the claims. It can either dismiss them or order a re-vote.
They made sure to wait until the vote was tallied, just in case they had won. Wouldnt want to lose out on what they knew would be a close if they could win at all.