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Aug 20, 2002
On 12/21/2002 2:30:20 PM USAirBoyA330 wrote:

Well, my fellow Flight Attendants......the almighty bidsheet has fallen. Get ready to play like all the other Flight Attendants in the airline industry. For the reserves....Well....enjoy being able to "Time Out" while you can because soon it will be a distant memory.
I hope that God gives the F/A's here some dense to vote. Job or No Job. I really wished AFA had taken it out of the F/A's hands and made the changes themselves. Some of these F/A's can't even tell me who and what RSA is and they are casting a vote on my future? Great.....just great.

Well, 90% of the F/A's I talk to do know who Alabama Dave and his RSA rodeo is. We're not idiots. I encourage you to reconsider your statement above as well as your attitude towards union democracy.

Well, my fellow Flight Attendants......the almighty bidsheet has fallen. Get ready to play like all the other Flight Attendants in the airline industry. For the reserves....Well....enjoy being able to "Time Out" while you can because soon it will be a distant memory.
I hope that God gives the F/A's here some sense to vote. Job or No Job. I really wished AFA had taken it out of the F/A's hands and made the changes themselves. Some of these F/A's can't even tell me who and what RSA is and they are casting a vote on my future? Great.....just great.
I have to agree with USAirBoy330 - why didn't AFA MEC have the backbone to just go ahead and get this over with. They negotiate the contract - just ratify it and get it over with.
You''ll be able to view
the entire package soon on the website. It will be in
Tuesdays mail with the ballot that will be counted
January 10.
Pension benefits were not affected. That''s not to say
the PPGC still will not terminate the plan on it''s own
but the company won''t be asking them to do so. In that
event benefits earned to date will be guarenteed by
the PPGC. There is a cap on those benefits and you can
find a chart in the back of the last T/A that was
voted in.
Medical premiums are rising again. There will be an
open enrollment in the first quarter of next year for
anyone desiring to change their option. As an example
option 3 (best) will now have premiums of $52. for
single, $103. for emp. and spouse, $98. for emp. and
child and $170. for family. These premiums cap in 2008
at $96., $191., $182. and $316. Drugs are $10, $20.
and $35. Mail order drugs are $20., $40 and $70. for
three years then everything increases $5-$15. While
this may appear steep to some of you it is still a
really good deal compared to what others have to pay
or if we go out of business and have to find our own
No doubt about it the reserves are hardest hit. No
more passing and they will be called in a time
balancing order. That means if I have 20:00 and you
have none, you''ll get the next trip even if I''m also
available and senior to you. That will be a little
better for reserves who choose a high option.
We''ll all lose SAP and secondary lines. This will be
replaced with preferential bidding no later than June
2004. That means that we will no longer bid lines, we
will bid trips. We will build our own line based on
the hours we need. For instance you have vaction
paying 50:00 and you''re on the 105:00. You will build
your own block with around 50:00. That way there is no
need to drop trips.
Using sick becomes more complicated. If you''re a
reserve you will probably never be able to claim sick
unless you''re out the whole month. Blockholders can
claim sick but with a 5:00 penalty to their block
value if they''re sick less than 1/2 of their month.
For example. I''m on the 105:00. I build my block to
102:00. I call in sick for one trip. In this example I
could claim sick in the amount that would bring me to
97:00. Another example. I''m on the 105:00 but I build
my block only to 80:00 because I plan on utilizing the
bid sheet. (yes we still have the bid sheet). In this
case if I call in sick for one or two trips I can only
claim up to my guarentee which is 71:00. If I happen
to have already flown 71:00 there would be no sick
claim. If I flew 70:00 so far I still could only claim
1 hour.
The duty rig changes are what the pilots agreed to and
I''m sure you''ve already heard what they are. They
begin in March of next year.
If anyone desires to work at MidAtlantic you can but
you will remain there until there''s an opening at
mainline. Pay rates are that of American Eagle''s
current contract and based on your years at mainline.
Vacation and other benefits will be that of a new
hire. Still no start up date.
We did get stuck with the war contingency and it
sucks. Basically if anything bad happens it''s an
immediante 5% pay deferral for up to 18 months. They
will then begin paying us back in the 19th month.
There''s also a 2% lump sum bonus paid in 2007 and
2008. It will be based on the previous years W-2 so
you have to still be here to get it. That translates
into $800. for someone who earned $40,000.
Those are the highlights. Feel free to distribute. The
packet and ballot are being mailed on Tuesday. Votes
will be counted January 10. Please vote.

Excuse me? Democracy my tail! At USAirways... a day without some drama is a day without sunshine and I for one am SICK of it! Just do what needs to be done and get it over with! We don't have a choice in the matter really. It's Job or No Job. Build a bridge and get over it. For those that don't like it LEAVE.
But AFA just didn't want this dirty mess on them AT ALL and doesn't want to LEAD. They want to hide behind a VOTE in case something happens and so they can't be blamed for anything. If I vote for this am voting myself right out of a job because these work rule changes will result in additional furloughs but, at least I have the common sense to VOTE yes so there might be something to come back to if I so choose. If I VOTE NO.....then we are all on the street. It's not rocket science. I just flew with a crew that all said they were voting NO and they had not even heard what the changes were yet! Now that's IDIOTIC and that is a fine example of what I am worried about.
So can your speach and sell it somewhere else.
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So can your speach and sell it somewhere else.

With the ratio of your posts to mine, I think you might want to reconsider who you want to call a speechmaker.

What can I say? I just happen to believe the rank and file should have a vote on tentative agreements. I believe the bylaws and constitution of AFA requires this as well.

You are absolutely right that the choices stink. I understand your frustration with it being a damned if you do damned if you don't vote. I truly do. Unfortunately, there are way too many downsides to punting membership right to vote to the MEC.

Enough with unpleasantries though. I wish you an everyone else here a Merry Christmas in spite of all we are going through.

The bidsheet is not gone. In fact if you look in your original post under claiming sick the bidsheet is referenced.

I have to disagree with you regarding the unions on our property. Historically IAM and AFA have had a very good working relationship. Recently CWA was brought onto the property and has developed a mutual respect with both the IAM & AFA. These groups converse and encourage each to get the best for their members as possible.

Additionally, if all groups were represented by one leader it would be a nightmare. First the group with the largest membership would run the show. Naturally they would look out for their peers first and all others second. If a clear majority was not present alliances would be formed pitting employees against each other (aka Survivor) Next, it is very difficult to negotiate a working agreement for a group when you are unfamiliar with the nuances. The airline industry is unlike most organizations. For example, how many posts have their been regarding flight crews and duty rigs? To an outsider it doesn't make sense; however, to crew scheduling, flight departments and crews it is natural. I consider myself to be a reasonable person and would stand strong when bargaining for flight attendants. However, I would never dream of going to the table to represent a mechanic. I don't have a clue what they do. I have worked for U for 24 years and regularly engage in coversation with mechanics, however, to prove my point, would anyone please explain to me what R&D is?
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This just in......

(800) 654-3143
December 21, 2002

The US Airways MEC accepted a Tentative Agreement that contains more contract concessions. This Tentative Agreement was accepted by the MEC only after repeated threats of liquidation by the Company that would have resulted in loss of all employee jobs. After discussions with the Company that began on December 17th, the MEC accepted the Tentative Agreement late on December 20th. This Tentative Agreement will be sent to the membership for ratification. The decision to send this Tentative Agreement out to the membership was recommended by a majority vote of the MEC.

Information regarding the Tentative Agreement will be mailed to each of you and balloting will be conducted via telephone and internet as it was in the last round of concessionary negotiations.

Management will also be taking cuts during the term of our Tentative Agreement and increases for management will be phased in as they are in the 2002 Restructuring Agreement for the flight attendants reached this past summer. In addition, all other labor groups also reached tentative agreements with the Company. ALPA had already ratified an agreement with the Company prior to the beginning of our discussions with the Company.


- 2% lump sum payment on 3/1/2007 and 2% lump sum payment on 3/1/2008;
- Modify Variable Minimum Day to 5+00 hours with no floor an no ceiling and change day and night rigs (Me-Too with ALPA)
- Modification to claiming sick leave;
- Minor change to rescheduling;
- Major changes to Reserve System;
- Increase in Reserve Inviolable days to 8 days;
- Automatic release after trip assignment for Reserves (with exceptions);
- Preferential Bid System;
- Maintain the Bid Sheet;
- AA Eagle wages, work rules and benefits for Mid-Atlantic;
- Changes in Medical/Dental (same as all other employee groups with the exception of ALPA and Senior Management - higher costs for ALPA and Senior Management);
- Enhanced Profit Sharing;
- Additional Equity Participation;
- War Contingency Salary Deferral (also applies to management);
- Changes to LTD and Workers' Compensation;

When you receive your Tentative Agreement information and ballot, please read over the information carefully and exercise your right to vote on the Tentative Agreement.

Your MEC regrets that this Tentative Agreement comes to you now, during this holiday season.
On 12/21/2002 4:55:56 PM USAirBoyA330 wrote:

Word games....the bidsheet and process as we know it are GONE.

Please explain. You either have the bid sheet, or you don't. The process didn't change except for the automation...which is no big deal.

What EXACTLY about the bid sheet is gone, other than the fact that you won't be talking to a human crew scheduler to use it?