CHQ probable going on strike soon!


Jan 30, 2003
I have jumpseated on many a mainline flights. I have come to notice one very obvious item. That is: I do something VERY SIMILAR to those guys, we make the same mistakes, we do the same checklists, we both act with the same professionalism and to the same exacting standards. HOWEVER, I MAKE A FRACTION OF WHAT THEY DO!!!!!! I make about 20,000 a year to fly 50 people at a time around the country. The other day I flew 4 legs with 50 pax each. Ask the friends and relatives of those 200 folks how much they would pay to have these loved ones around for a few more days. Their saftey was in my hands, yet, I cannot pay my phone bill due to the arrogance, greed, and dishonesty of a few in a position of power. It is time to stand up for what we believe in, and be counted as the ones who made life better for not only us, but those who come after us. Comair started the battle, we will take the next step. UNITY!

CHQ pilots will not be taken advantage of.

By the way, if you are a CHQ pilot: YOU MUST GO TO THE UNION WEBSITE VERY VERY SOON:
Let me give some additional insight as to why a strike vote is in the works.

CHQ management has done nothing but delay and postpone contract negotiations.
We have negotiated in good faith and they continue to lie to us.

We have been without a contract since Nov 2001.

We were within 6% of agreeing on compensation when our management cancelled all further negotiations including those scheduled for this week. Their reason . . . our director of Flight Ops resigned to take a job with the "alterego" airline called Republic (which is owned by our holding company Repubic Airways Holdings). This man who reportedly resigned still occupies an office at Chautauqua Airlines and no one can say when he is really leaving.

We have voted yes to J4Jobs to stop the formation of Republic Airways, yet our holding company continues it's development. (US Airways ALPA unit has given us their support) We ask ALPA guys to get involved. If Republic starts flying we fear our jobs with our 3 code shares will be bleed off.

Please all CHQ pilots go to our IBT website and/or call a representative at once, it is not just about money as the previous post may lead you to believe, our jobs depend on it. Thanks
If Republic starts flying we fear our jobs with our 3 code shares will be bleed off.

Kinda like all the flying Chataqua bled off the U mainline and U Wholly Owned. and now at Delta and their WO''s, airlines by flying for dirt. What goes around comes around. While I wish you the best of luck, I can''t bring myself to feel sympathy for you guys having someone do to your company what you and the Mesa''s of the world have been doing to the ML''s and WO''s of other companies. You reap what you sow.