Congrats to US Employees


Aug 21, 2002
Heard on the news tonight that US and U both logged the least number of complaints. Also, I think they said most ontime flights. I want to put the shoe where it fits on this one. It is because of the front line employees that this has happened. >From Reservations, to the ticket counter, to the gate agents, flight attendents and of course the pilots. This congrats go out to YOU!! The mechanics and those who handle the baggage and clean the planes. Also my hat''s off to you too.
Management always seems to get the feather in their caps when these things happen, but it is the EMPLOYEES on the front line that makes this happen. To my fellow former co workers in res. I must say that I do have to call many times in my new line of work and only once in the last 4 months did I get someone who seemed cold. The rest of you were very professional as well as friendly and knowledgeable as well as helpful. That one time I must say she was helpful but sounded like a robot. I understood where she was coming from, but the friendly-smile in your voices really comes across over the phones. Keep up the good work!! I''m proud to have been one of you in the past.
Associated Press
Airline Quality Glance
Monday April 7, 9:42 am ET
By The Associated Press
Ranking of Airlines According to Quality of Service

1. US Airways
2. Alaska Airlines
3. Southwest Airlines
4. America West Airlines
5. Continental Airlines
6. American Airlines
7. Delta Air Lines
8. United Airlines
9. Northwest Airlines
10. American Eagle
Source: The Airline Quality Rating 2003
What is the difference between US and U as per your 1st sentence?

I wonder how long the smile in their voices (as you say) can continue? According to that front page complaint article on the site, there are still 200 plus calls on hold on a regular basis and time parameters have been lowered even further putting more stress on already over worked
over Sadaam-ized agents.

How much lower than the recent 3 1/2 minutes a call can they humanly possibly hope for and expect you to rationally execute a sale and cover all the flts, DOT,fares, name, add, phn ,cred card, rules ,chkin, security details etc etc ?

I can see the wondrous magical management courtesy of K.C. and the Sunshine band continues unabated. What goes around comes around. The day that populace of the company is dissolved,canned,eliminated, retired, torn down, or what have you, will be as happy a day as the liberation of Iraq.
What you say could be true but ill doubt it and ill say this. Our customer service has been un surpassed and constantly ranks at the top or near it. In customer surveys ACROSS THE BOARD continue to give US high marks, including Reservations. I called Delta the other day and was on hold for about 5 mins. We arent the only ones with these problems. Its time we re focus our energy to a pos one instead of the neg. Things will only get better in the future. Congrats to my fellow remployees, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!
I would like to add my thanks and congratulations to all my friends at US. I didn't need a survey to know that you're the best in the industry. I wish you all the best for the future and keep up the great work!!

After a couple of weeks close to home it's back to the airport for me tomorrow-I look forward to seeing my good friends at US again!
Well, as great and grand as that sounds....
The fact is USAirways Management just sees Kiosk''s and such as a way to eliminate us pesky employees. Gees....if they didn''t have to deal with us life would be easy.
When I was hired they told us we should be proud to be here and we were told how valuable we were.''s..." cost too much. What are you still doing here"?
See how it works?
For what it''s worth, everyone I know who has tried the kiosks absolutely loves them! My father, who has yet to use an ATM, thought it was the best thing the airlines have done in years. Just as banks realized, it makes no sense to pay someone to perform routine tasks. I just wish US could make the kiosks as intelligent as ATMs. I imagine over time this will happen.

I don''t fly a whole lot, but even I have to admit that U seems better.. just easier.

I''m not a U insider pax, in fact I''m just ''Barely'' Preferred. So, I haven''t internalized these issues. Having said that, I''d MUCH rather deal with a machine for routine tasks, freeing up human beings to be AVAILABLE and ABLE to handle the problems. It just seems bizarre to me that a union wouldn''t promote that: leveraging the value added by its members simply makes that person more valuable and marketable and more in control of their own destinies. AND the marketplace for their labor would be enhanced because the flying public''s impression of them would be enhanced. I imagine customer service ''specialists''roaming airports... perhaps even parking lots and nearby hotels with handheld devices, monitoring kiosks and volunteering to solve problems. Of course, I''m the one that wants the flight attendants to be air marshalls. Considering Senator Clinton was on the Shuttle flight this morning to LGA, it couldn''t hurt.

If we''re that good how bad is it at the other carriers. Most of our customers are fed up with long lines, lack of staffing, and general customer discourtesy from agents. They just love those Kiosks. Oh well ...Smoke and Mirrors.

Committed to excellence...Committed to teamwork...Yeah right.

Where did I say all the blame was on management? I didn''t. I am simply stating the fact that at USAirways, I feel and am treated like a liability instead of an asset. That''s sad.
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I always refer to USAirways as US and United as U. Sorry for the confusion. But still thanks to everyone and by the way--I''ve never held on more than 2 minutes. You guys must be working a lot of ot!!
On 4/7/2003 1:24:18 PM PineyBob wrote:

it''s WORSE elsewhere. So that number 1 ranking really means that US is "Cream of the Crap"

Good one Piney...LOL
I''ve always thought we were the most overlooked airline when it comes to overall service. Of course that is the fault of marketing for not promoting U. I have seen some changes in the past few years, but alot more work is needed.

As far as the kiosk are concerned...this should have been done years ago. The ATM analogy is right on. Let the customer service agents deal with the more pressing needs. I don''t know how you guys do it without a breakdown. Good work, guys.

The last time we won this award there were banners and posters evrywhere bragging about it. I have no doubt the same will happen...a few lapel buttons would be nice but then we would have to listen to the naysayers bashing Siegle for spending the money.

Can we all put down our daggers and swords for one minute and pat ourselves on the back?