Everyone Is A Winner!

WOW...WHEW...This is excellerating! For the thousands of employees that US has sent to the street...They Salute You! Feel free to share the wealth with your $100.
Some people can only dream of such fantastic accomplishments.
Don't wet the paper just yet, they'll come back for it and then some, within 6 months if you ask anyone from US.
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Once again, anyone who doesnt want their $100, feel free to pass it on to someone who can use it. PM me and I'll give you my p.o.box address. This sounds just like the ramp guys who boycott the barbeque because the manager paid for the food. If you dont want the free food, dont eat it, you're really showing them.
50 bucks is 50 bucks

It makes sense why the US/West people appreciate customers--they understand that the more the customers want to come back, the more they have to gain. These people are proud of their company. You should see them interact with each other. I'm sure not everyone likes everyone, but different groups really seem to interact and help the other out--it seems like a team. I only dealt with them in LAS and PHX, for the first time this week on 3 flights, and reservations (not the elite line), the ticket agents, the gate agents, and flight attendants are very appreciative of the customers and they treat the customers with the respect that they want--I'm sure there are some bad apples--but, generally, I will tell you that I thought the experience was very postive and I am hopeful for some changes in PHL at the airport level. With the good people left on the frontline at US, the new USAirways can really kick some butt.

One comment--does that safety video have to go on and on and on like it does--the US/East video is so much better? And the video in espanol is good too with the man with the deep voice who says Gracias por escoger USAirways.
One thing I have learned is when you count your blessings and when you are grateful, more good things come to you.

When you are grateful, you feel great and more great things come to you.

However, when you #### and complain about everything. When your emotions your thoughts and your actions are emmitting so much negative energy and you focus on painful experiences, sorrow and bitterness of reality... You get more of it too! You get what you ask for! It's so damaging to the spirit and to the body. Why focus on that?

I have noticed this with everyone I have worked with. The ones that are negative and complains the most about the realities of life, their jobs, their relationships will never be happy.

Be happy with the $50 or $100 that you got. Count your blessings and be thankful!
You are so right! I am so tired of hearing everyone at US-east #### and moan. Some here will NEVER be happy and will ALWAYS be "glass half empty" people. They go on and on about everything thats wrong in their lives including work. They are energy suckers. They try and dictate how the vibe of the trip will be. I don't hesitate to tell them to keep their comments about the passengers and the company to themselves during work. The passengers regardless of the fare don't need to hear it. MANY and I mean MANY would gladly do the job today that is on the street.