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Dec 2, 2005
March 1, 2007

US Airways Update

TO: All US Airways/IAM Fleet Service Members

Print Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

US Airways reported profit for the year 2006 was achieved in no small part to the efforts of Fleet Service employees at both East and West.

Under our 2005 - 2009 IAM/US Airways Fleet Service Agreement, the 2006 profit announcement triggered provisions providing compensation in the form of profit sharing for “eligibleâ€￾ IAM US Airways Fleet Service employees.

“Eligibleâ€￾ IAM Fleet Service employees, as represented under our Fleet Service Agreements, are those employees with W - 2 hourly earnings for the year of 2006. For East employees, all earnings for the period 1/1/2006 thru 12/31/2006 are used to determine profit sharing distribution. For West employees, all earnings for the first pay period after 5/11/2006 (date of certification as IAM represented employees) thru 12/31/2006 are used to determine profit sharing distribution.

Profit Sharing payments should be distributed on March 15, 2007 to eligible IAM/US Airways Fleet Service employees in accordance with the Transformation Plan and IAM/US Airways Fleet Service Agreement.

A question and answer document is being finalized for all IAM members with more detailed information.

I remind all our Fleet Service members (East and West) that in our transition discussions, District 141 is focused on ensuring that all members share in the benefits a new agreement can provide. Although your Transition Committee is hard at work to make a beneficial agreement possible, this can only be achieved through the unity and support of the entire group. Our goal is to gain much more than what a profit sharing program alone can provide.

In solidarity, we remain

S.R. (Randy) Canale
President & Directing General Chairm

What are the thoughts on this?

March 1, 2007

Everything below is my sole opinion on the matter.

The profit sharing is "Hot Money" since Canale robbed the east siders.

It's robbery and wrong because the east siders 'gave' and got nothing in return AND Canale didn't ask yet took millions. Just asking a half dozen stooge negotiators for their knee jerk 'yes' is a joke.
I think the monetary damage caused by this on the east could warrent a lawsuit if enough interest tried to pursue a DFR against the IAM. My spin is I think the TWU/IAM agreement, signed to avoid an election, should be subpoenaed[sp?] because it seems the IAM is paying for that agreement by robbing the east side. Another robbery might occur soon with the change of control grievance, in which case, east side fleet service should have the smarts to get a class action with more than a handful of members.

At any rate, Canale's letter is flawed. The key flaw, and he knows this, is the word 'eligibility'. He goes on to describe 'eligibility' in a 'plural' fashion by saying 'agreements'. Look folks, the each agreement is separate and those eligible under each one are a different set of employees. Just because the 'westies' decided to keep double time and extra vacation and bypass profit sharing doesn't mean they should now be entitled to get the profit sharing from IAM members when they originally chose not to get it from your company.

The eastside agreement doesn't recognize westies as being eligible employees. That's the bottom line and a fact. Also, the west side agreement doesn't recognize east siders, pilots, construction workers, or anyone else under its agreement. If the westies were included as eligible employees then they would be making more money, less vacation, and stripped of double time, and valuable scope clauses that have preserved 22 stations that would have been outsourced under provisions of 'eligible' stations in the eastsiders contract. So any talk by Canale of what it means to be eligible in the west side agreement is double talk. IMO, Canale is banking on the east side ramp being stupid, apathetic, and unsolid. In fact, I think Canale purposely and intentionially doesn't build solidarity up on the east because he wants to continue to pimp off or rob his members. It's so easy when everyone is scattered.

Separate from my opinion, here are two facts:
1. any profit sharing the westies participate in is a gift from the east siders. And since the east side wasn't asked [except for a half dozen stooge negotiators] this is robbery and the profit sharing is 'hot money'.
There is nothing in the west coast agreement that gives them a right or entitlement to this.

2. Canale put his hand in the pockets of the east siders to take this gift and then bulls his own into thinking the west is entitled to this.

I think sharing without free volition is unjust for sure. So it's a robbery in my opinion.
If fleet service is going to annex or adopt anyone outside of 'eligible' participates "AS DEFINED IN THE EASTSIDERS AGREEMENT' it should be those laid off first if anyone, since they are the ones who gave up the sweat and their jobs for profit sharing.

Sharing with the westies is sacrifice for the east. While sacrifice is an honorable thing, it would be nice if Canale stopped running his mouth suggesting an entitlement to the west, when he knows there is no entitlement that exist.
Canale has disrespected fleet service like forever. My bet is neither him or the westies will thank fleet service but instead speak endless dribble about how the westies are oppressed and other goofy 'you owe me' chatter.

At any rate, I know this disturbs westies but so far no westie has rightfully argued why a eastsider should be a 'nice fella' and be willing to take money that his family paid for and give it to somebody else. Any argument from a westie has no merit unless it recognizes sacrifice.

I believe everthing written here 'stands' even if you take my personal opinion on the matter out of it. So no westie should take this personal.

Most rampers in the west would gladly give up this profit sharing payment if we could just get paid what east fleet makes. In the end, the checks will be so meager, I believe that we will stand back and wonder what the hue and cry was about. Personally, I don't think we deserved it as it wasn't part of the TWU contract but Randy Canale made that decision. I am just hoping that the payment will be enough to buy a diamond-encrusted mouth grill like the gangsta rappas wear. We're talking about some serious bling. I'll be like all "yo wassup homey"! The fly ladies in the rap videos will be all up on me like "yo wassup baby".
I agree with The poster above me , i too would forgo the profit sharing in order to get the pay scale ... but i'll take what i can get for now ... does anyone have any idea how much this might average out to per normal 40 hour west worker?

Also let me reitterate our postion on the transtional talks ....GIVE US OUR DAMN MONEY RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i of course mean that in the most polite way possible and nothing negative should be infered from that .
As much as I despise the IAM, now is not the time to have this debate.

You IMO need to unite behind an imperfect bargaining agent and focus on the future.

The real enemy is not the IAM but the company you work for. They keep taking from the FF'ers to maximize profits and they've taken from you in the past.

If they took from us and gave it to you, I wouldn't mind so much, but in my mind they ain't getting to keep it for themselves. NFW!!!!!!!!
It's extremely difficult and perhaps next to impossible for 7,000 workers to unite without any recognized leadership. It would be really easy for Canale to unite workers but he doesn't have the energy and I doubt US AIRWAYS will tell him it's ok. He's been collared by company's a long time ago. Plus it seems he is narrowly focused on just United Airlines anyways.

Otherwise, without Canale, organizing unity among PHL, CLT, PHX, LAS, PIT, class 2 stations, would be considerably difficult since all speak different languages. It would be like bringing 8 or more chiefs together for one common cause.

This week we've heard opinions from east, west and furloughed east rampers. Any idea when we'll get an opinion from a judge?

If the IAM is going to give the company what they want, why does fleet need them?