Impressed with PHL.

urpius pilot

Aug 9, 2004
Yesterday we travelled through PHL returning from BRU on US751. We had been in Paris and planned to take US755 from CDG, but it was full through the middle of the week, so we took a train to BRU for US751, which was wide open.

I must say that PHL worked like clockwork and the employees there deserve a pat on the back. By the time we cleared immigration our bags were already off the baggage carousel and lined up neatly on the floor next to it. We wanted to catch an earlier connecting flight to BOS which required rechecking our bags to the earlier flight. The earlier flight was scheduled to depart in less than an hour from the time we rechecked our bags. We made the flight and so did the bags. Throughout the whole time at PHL every employee that we came in contact with was very courteous and efficient.

The flights both ways across the Atlantic were great; planes clean and on time and the crews were friendly and efficient. Despite what some on this board claim, this airline is running pretty well. Thanks to you all.
Glad you had a good trip, It's the disgruntled FFOCUS group mostly whining you refer to.

While I agree about many of the FFOCUS complaints, the FFOCUS "second in command" is making up threads about such things as "humorous" alcohol testing changes (closed by mods), and dreaming for the day they can pi## on the grave that is US Airways.....

I thought FFOCUS wanted to be taken seriously..... :lol:

Happy to hear your PHL transit went well....
While I agree about many of the FFOCUS complaints, the FFOCUS "second in command" is making up threads about such things as "humorous" alcohol testing changes (closed by mods), and dreaming for the day they can pi## on the grave that is US Airways.....

I thought FFOCUS wanted to be taken seriously..... :lol:

Happy to hear your PHL transit went well....

Good point! :up:
I've always enjoyed my Philly connections, but this summer PHL has been better than ever. The B/C gates have been spruced up and there are so many new shops. A-West has always been a shining star, but B/C is coming up quite close. PHL is a true a international gateway and has so much to do whether you're on an international transit or a quick domestic hop. Look at ORD's T5, and you'll see PHL is light years ahead of ORD. ORD T5 is disgusting!

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Just curious? Did any one aspect of the experience stand out as being particularly well done. If so would you mind sharing?

I was amazed with A-west. I felt as though I was in a European airport. We had a bottle of wine at a little cafe between two moving sidewalks. It was great. But more US Airways specific, there was just a good attitude displayed by the employees that was very noticeable. Everyone was very upbeat and helpful. We left for BOS from B8 and the gate area had new carpeting and looked very professional. The concourse was packed at around 5 PM yet everything just seemed to be going so smoothly. Push back was delayed by a few minutes for some last minute bags, which was explained by the cockpit crew and when we did push back we had professional looking wing walkers. I know that all of this is just the way that it should be but I felt the need to say that everything seemed to be working very smoothly.
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I think things have gotten better overall but for me it's to little to late.

I am truly sorry to hear that. I hope that you will keep an open mind and don't give up on US Airways. Remember that it is those same hard working employees that you referred to who are the real losers when people like you leave.
Coincidence or decide.

That abomination of a mayor (Street) finally left office in Jan 2008 and made way for Michael Nutter. He had made comments that the airport was on his list of priorities to straighten out. I have no hard evidence as to what his administration has been responsible for this year versus what was already in progress from the last administration, though.

I've transited the PHL airport for 20+ years, but 100% of that time as an O&D customer. I've never made a connection. But in my O&D experiences, the airport has definitely improved just in the last several years overall. Not just the opening of A-West (which is now around 5 years old), but also the renovations of the common areas that are not USAirways specific. Small things. I LOVE the huge LCD flight and airport map displays (even if some of them show a big Apple/Macintosh error screen).

I look forward to checking out the new D-E concourse soon to open. I may even have to start using that security checkpoint, which will be huge to accommodate all those Southwest passengers...

As to my USAirways experience at PHL, I've been back on US a fair amount since August (by force due to the route I fly), while still using my UA FF#. The planes are definitely cleaner than they had been in the past. The clubs are on par with AA, who I've used a lot over the last few years. The FF program still sux, though, but I can't blame that on the employees now can I?? But now that I'm UA Premiere for next year I'll consider going for a Silver status match/challenge to at least get an upgrade once in a while. Otherwise I have no problems scoring an exit row in the 24 hour window before my flight as a UA Prem. Sometimes I even get the $50 upgrade offer at web check in, which I always decline unless it's a domestic 767 route (like PHL-CLT)....

So, things are looking better. But the overall management attitude still leaves bad tastes in many veteran USAir customers' mouths.....
I have definitely noticed an improvement in PHL. I used to be an outspoken PHLly-basher, but I haven't had cause to bash them in a long time. :up:

From what I have experienced, PHL has improved lately as much as CLT has gone downhill. I sincerely hope that the turnaround in one airport was not at the expense of the other.
I also feel the need to POUR out many compliments to our company and hardworking employees for DURASTICALLY turning PHL around!!! I'm based in PHX, but prior to merger mess flew for US before the merger was CLT based and used to fly in and out of PHL ALOT and it was TRAMATIC everytime as a non-rev or working crew. I tried to avoid PHL the last 3yrs being out in PHX, but I did a two day trip last month that was PHX-PHL(RON)PHL-CLT-PHL-PHX and I was beyond impressed!!! We arrived around 5/6pm and we were marshalled right in, jetway promptly met they a/c. When we were passing the baggage claim to go to our hotel shuttle we saw our passengers already out the door w/ there bags and all were smiling and some seemed dumbfounded they were there so quickly. The next day was just as smooth we departed 5+ mins early both departures out of PHL and we used C gates and A west gates that day and it was incredible... the cleaners, gate agents, catering and more. It was a very very shockingly pleasant experience... I do however feel PHX and CLT are now what needs work.... especially CLT it has very very much gone downhill. KUDOS KUDOS to PHL team!!!
i think we do a pretty good job here in PHX ... althou we have been hurt lately by some minor things ... i've heard of delays because of the new hand scanners that we're using ... i honestly don't see the point to them other than irregular opps .... if a bag is lost and not scanned , then it won't show up in the system ... not to mention the time it's going to take to scan the bags off loading them , up loading them , etc ... all for what ? and of course as soon as it rains or snows we can all expect the nice new fancy scanners to go to sod ...

One other note about PHX operations , the city of PHX hasn't been to fast about fixing things these days .... one of the TV's in the A concourse at gate 6 i think has been displaying satic for only the last week .... Everytime i walk by and look at the PAX they all have sad looks on their faces , and i saw one of them trying to get it to work the other day ... the least someone could do is shut if off and put an out of order sign on it ... ah well , we will see how much longer it takes the great feet draggers to get this thing fixed ..
While I'm certainly one of those "quick to criticize Tempe" folks, I maintain that most (not all) US front-line employees are top notch. They do a very good job, especially considering the BS they've put up with through multiple mergers, layoffs, displacements, being Expressed, QIK...I could go on forever.

There was a time when PHL was synonymous with crap. Lousy facilities, lousy station management, zero support from CCY or Tempe, corrupt local politics, hostile and militant employees, etc.

This isn't the first positive report I've read, and it's good to hear.

I just hope the folks in Tempe realize that the new mucketey-muck leader du jour for PHL can take about 5% of the credit. The remaining 95% should go to the employees.

Too bad it won't be reflected in paychecks that way. The leader du jour will get a big fat bonus and the front line will get squat.