Inflight's Greatest Hits

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: When is this Sherri woman - her decisions make her sound like a child - going to be FIRED...PRONTO! AFA needs to insist on her departure.
I don't really know. Why don't people call AFA and ask? Simple to me really. Good old boy network and lack of chutz·pah as Judge Judy would say.
I know we don't serve that crap, i've worked em', but sh***y shameful was probably sippin' on several upon her arrival..... Those flights are sooooooo embarassing to work, picture this:

FULL to walls 757, 6.55hr flt to LIH(Kauai), believe it or not we charge one of they highest fares to they islands, so people are expecting some service right? Schlep a party cup @ you in coach and 1 lousy bag(half full)bag of pretzels and then they audio/video on these planes are sooo terrible, screens are often greenish color or audio is half inop on the ENTIRE a/c. Next up: FOOD(or lack there of) Were gonna offer you a Ciabatta and fruit/sh** plate, and a stale box, oh but wait half the passengers came from another bob city earlier in the day and were offered the SAME items on prev. flt:-(* So we run out just pass 2L, oh well we keep on pushing the cart offering stale boxes and bad coffee and water and next thing you know we've manage to upset 130+ people who payed alot for these tix and could've had a free meal a real pillow and blanket on hawaiian for half the price!!! lol! Don't even get me started on F/C w/ there nasty salmon crap and the crooked #### wine, it's just an ALL around embarassment, THERES is absolutley nothing that resembles that your going to Hawaii other than the crew if there wearing leighs they brought from home or the tacky ass Hawaii arrival video for declaring agricultural items... BLAH, OHHHHH how im sure we'd butcher ASIA
:up: FINALLY some dissent/disgust from the WEST! I was getting concerned that maybe you people were cloned and programmed. They need to wake up in the Sandcastle or the place needs to be leveled with EVERY ONE of them IN IT!
Ok, I almost lost my wine while looking at this but is it me or does Sherry look like one of the robbers that donned the Betty masks in the 2001 movie "Sugar And Spice"? I swear she does. :lol: