LESS First Class, MORE Coach

I have always enjoyed flying on East Airbus aircraft. I had the opportunity to fly on an HP Airbus and connect to a US Airbus, and I could tell the difference!!

Too bad we can't keep the East configs... i mean, WN gives their passengers like a 33 inch seat pitch.. and we'll be at 31!

YES, HP (and now US) are the most uncomfortable flights. I know when their is a RJ or a 737 on a routing, I switch to TED/UA ONT-DEN-XXX So then I am in Economy Plus.. and enjoy the leg room. I much more care about pitch. That is why I do not fly some routes on HP/US... the alliance is a good option for now, since UA has the same benefits for a CP (if they are not upgrading)... I actually had more room to work on some UA Ted flights vs HP 737 in F... Row 2 has now workable room when that Row 1 seat comes back. HP is NOT Business friendly.. and we adjust to other airlines when needed... especially on last minute fares, they go to UA or others.
PS = Premium Service. O

On the same note, if UA were to offer a PS flight or two from PHL (they only do a few PHL-LAX/SFO daily anyway) and advertise it heavily, I can see a lot of US loyalists jumping ship. What's to lose when they still get status miles and a worst case scenario seat is E+?

Thanks all for the definition.

Yes, I'd happily jump to a PS transcon esp if I get status miles for it.

UA connects a lot of PHL fliers to Hawaii and asia. I'd bet they could fill a plane.
Per recent company meetings at World Headquarters in Chicago, there are no other routes in N. America to justify p.s. service. The westcoast-JFK market is a unique market that can command the revenue premium to justify p.s. service. It will not expand and nor will you see UA's 757's being deployed in the Atlantic market.