New CWA update....


Aug 20, 2002
This evening CWA presented the company with a new response back on it till probably tomorrow...maybe.......if the company is not interested in any of our proposals then we''ll probably be paying a visit to the judge....This is our second proposal to the company in the last 2 weeks....hopefully were making some ground......


Aug 19, 2002
This is getting ridiculous... at this point I'd just let the judge decide. For the first time in a long while I think the passengers are just as pissed off as the employees. [:devil:]
Aug 23, 2002
I hope the CWA has kept good notes on how the company has not negotiated in good faith...For the judge to see....And charts/ drawings detailing over the years the amount of money CWA members have lost, so far...that they would have received...had they gotten equal pay raises with the other union groups....Mabey graphs detailing how other groups profited and built up pensions with CWA members made to save pretty much on their own out of their own pockets.....also the inflation rates since 1989...Also how little management is being asked to give and for how long...and don't forget about $ 6 million dollars in bonuses, because the company is so afraid their management will leave...If their so interested in saving their company, how could they in good faith accept a bonus and not give it back to the company?...Also, how many managers does the company have anyway, if were shrinking?