Pilot Bid for Nov/Dec

With all due respect, unless you are currently involved with US Airways (with a J4J carrier for example) it is not particularly realistic to expect a furloughed pilot to look at "the Hub", "Crew News", financial blogs, the MEC website etc.

If I thought a recall was pending perhaps I would make time to do so, but to be honest I simply don't spend near as much time as I used to concerned about USAir.

I know, you're thinking, "the guy said he wanted info but he's not willing to take the time to do the research and get it!"

I guess i'm saying that, for those of us who are far removed from US, sure would be nice if the furlough admin would help out by sending monthly or quarterly updates (preferably by mail) and offering information to pilots. Even just a phone call saying, "Hey, a bid is coming out in a few weeks, you may get a registered letter. Can I answer any questions for you?"

During a period of active recalls I would EXPECT a furlough administrator to be in the office Mon-Fri, 8am until 5pm, handling the many needs of those pilots who are being recalled and those who are coming next. If that requires the union to pay FPL so be it. It's a cost of doing the business of representing pilots.

Perhaps it falls upon me to do my own research, but with no idea when that registered letter will come, I just can not spend the time necessary to stay up-to-date indefinately.

Frankly, this web-site is about the only one I still frequent simply because it is easy to read and entertaining.

What ever floats your boat.
Different strokes for different folks, I could talk about this all day!

One thing is for sure,the company will not call you back until they are ready to and the union really has no control over recalls. I just like to keep up so I can make an informed decision when and if the recall letter ever comes.I think it is poor judgement to depend on someone else or some organization for information that important.