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Aug 20, 2002
Cle-Nas returns in February (Sat only)
Cle-Las 757 aircraft on the 0900 bank
Cle-Lax 757 aircraft on the 1700 bank
Cle-Sat New service ERJ
Cle-Aus New service ERJ
New prop service to several cities yet to be announced.
Additionally, it appears that the 2 737 flights to Denver will switch to ERJ flights in September. Hopefully it will be changed back to 737's. If this is a perminant change, could it be because of the loss of several 733 and 735's this year. Just lack of available aircraft?
According to a fleet plan filed on Jan 15 with the SEC, there will be an addition of 4 737-800's, and a reduction of 3 MD-80s, 8 737-300, and 2 737-500, meaning 9 less mainline aircraft. For 2004, there plans to be an addition of 6 757-300 and 12 737-800, and 14 MD-80s heading out to the desert, leaving a total of 12 MD-80s at the end of 2004. Anyone have any idea about deliveries into 2005?
757's? In CLE? Why how'd we get those fancy big jets again? So many long haul RJ's in CLE, I'm starting to think of the 737's as a widebody! Thankfully NW runs the AVRO's to DTW...
We get Continentals Md80s all the time down here in SAT.Im glad to see weve gotten another destination even if it isn't mainline
Hey 7.5victim - that wa good. I actually had diet dr. pepper come out my nose. Keyboard had to be cleaned. You may not have intended it to be funny - but thanks for the laugh.
Not exactly sure if this is new...but the local (TOL) Mesaba people were just told that they have been contracted to do ground handling for Continental. So it would appear things are coming together to get CO back in here.
On 1/21/2003 5:29:02 AM coolflyingfool wrote:

Hey 7.5victim - that wa good. I actually had diet dr. pepper come out my nose. Keyboard had to be cleaned. You may not have intended it to be funny - but thanks for the laugh

Well it was meant to be ironic, more than funny, but glad you enjoyed it. When Kellner said CLE is one of the "dimmer" spots for CO right now. Well duh! You want high yield traffic? You have to offer a service people want to pay a high yield price for. The first time someone drop $1000 for a full Y ticket CLE-DFW, and gets a RJ seat, and no chance to upgrade, they'll look for options too! My 2002 Platinum Elite card will become a 2003 Silver Elite card soon. The long range Jungle Jets have a lot to do with that!
Any chance the new prop service will expand back into Michigan?
MBS, LAN, and FNT could use the new service and I hope that CO comes back to at least one of these cities.

XJT (Continental Express) showed a very fuzzy and unlabeled 2003 expansion plan to financial analysts that appeared to show service (RJ's) returning to Kalamazoo and Saginaw. If Flint and Lansing receive new service, they will probably have to rely on Commutair's turboprops, assuming rumors are correct.
AZO will be served by CO through the Air-21 money that will subsidize the route. Service is expected to start March 16th to CLE via CommutAir. Service to Elmira will also start that day. Northwest/Mesaba's Toledo ground crew have been informed they will work 4 flights per day and expect a doubling in staff levels - currently they are holding the staff levels used to work 7-9 flights/day. If anyone is looking for a job. LOL
Thank you for this added information. I hope Saginaw gets the RJ- Since
US Airways left, the place is empty! I also heard a rumor that CO was going to fly one of the RJ's from MBS to IAH for all the GM and Dow employees in the area, any truth to this?

Thank You.


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