Shortest Domestic 777 route


Aug 20, 2005
Does anyone know of a shorter domestic 777 route other than MIA DFW?  I've never been on one and would love to ride one someday. 
I see no MIA-DFW on the schedule now.  I've seen them on ORD-DFW in the past but not now, either.  These domestic legs are simply positioning of equipment.  We have a 777 between JFK and MIA starting up Dec. 18.
The ORD-DFW 777 was terminated because at the time they needed a standby plane at ORD in case of mechanical issue that would take a plane out of service.. So, the plane which had been based at DFW was moved to ORD. And, as you said, the domestic legs were just for repositioning.
777 domestic flying comes and goes on MIA-JFK, MIA-DFW and DFW-LAX.
MIA-LAX is the only consistent domestic 777 route, since around 2006. Some times it is 2x daily, that starts up again in March. 
Huge uptick in domestic 763 flying nowadays, though. Four daily MIA-MCO starts soon and eight daily DFW-LAX by April.