some questions answered for the mechanics regarding BK


Aug 20, 2002
The law is murky on whether a union can strike if the judge imposes a new contract. There has yet to be an airline test case for this. But if one of US' unions were crazy enough to strike should the judge impose a new contract, I'd be willing to bet it would lead to a liquidation of the company due to creditors losing faith in the company's ability to successfully restructure.
if you vote the proposed agreement in then you give up your right to strike and you will be under your new contract for 6.5 years.
if you vote the proposed agreement down then you could be free to strike. However, a strike isn''t what would be significant. I couldn''t possibly imagine a US AIRWAYS employee wanting a work stoppage. What is key about this isn''t that you will actually strike, but rather, not having employees on board and "free to strike" would damper potential investors to your company. For example, could you imagine BOA investing millions if the company doesn''t have signed agreements? I would also bet that Texas Pacific has a conditional clause that would either have to be renegotiated or enforced if a contract isn''t signed. Investors are concerned if contracts aren''t signed.
Investors are primarily what the company is insecure about, and knowing that establishes that you have something the company on board.
What I presume is most likely is that the company will go back to the particular union and try to get its members on board with a modification. However, if the company really intends to liquidate then it now has a reason. Russion rulette I suppose.
Keep your eye on the carrot, it''s there in front of the company right now.
Interesting indeed, and good luck with your futures!
Hi Joesy,

You’re right. Nobody I know, or have talked to, has any intention of striking.

If our Union Brothers and Sisters vote this proposal upon us, then we will get what we voted for.

If we vote this proposal down, then US Airways has already filed the petition to have the Judge impose work rules upon us.

I believe that everyone who loses their job post September 11th are casualties and is a victory for the terrorists.

I also believe that if any airline shuts down post Sept. 11th, especially US Airways, that also would be a victory for the terrorists.

Therefore striking has never crossed our minds. But opposing opportunists looking to profit at our expense while under duress, must be opposed.