Thank you to preferred members, silver, gold and us1


Aug 19, 2002
I just want to take a moment to thank all the
preferred flyers who kept buying and flying through
the bankruptcy. Last week in res, a number of you
called to congratulate us on coming out of bankruptcy and your kindness is much appreciated. So many mentioned the news. It was great to hear you still have confidence in
our company....THANK YOU!!

We still have lots of outstanding employees here...
The sacrifices continue to be painful, but a kind
comment from a customer is always appreciated...
thanks again.
olivia--You're (and others just like you) the glue that keeps everything working for U. Thank you for putting forth all of the hard work and dedication under what had to have been extreme duress. It is wonderful to read that someone is remaining positive and representing what was once an airline I had been so proud and pleased to work for. Continued good luck to you and the other hard working employees at U.

Thank you for your kind statement. I think I speak for most of my fellow preferred members when I say that the thanks should go to you and your colleagues. The reason I have remained loyal to US before during and after the BK is solely due to you!! I have always said that US employees are absolutely the best in the industry. I look forward to remaining a loyal US1 for years to come!

My congratulations to you and to all the employees of US on your emergence from BK, and my best wishes to you all for continued and future success.