US Airways Announces New Executive Appointments

US Airways Announces New Executive Appointments
Thursday January 17, 4:00 pm ET

Alan Ferayorni Hired as Vice President IT Infrastructure
Kevin Riccoboni Promoted to Vice President, Technology Delivery and Airline Operations

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--US Airways today announced two new executive appointments in its Information Technologies group. Approved earlier today by the airline’s board of directors, Alan Ferayorni has been named vice president, IT infrastructure and Kevin Riccoboni has been named vice president, technology delivery for airline operations. Both executives will report directly to Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Joe Beery.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have Al and Kevin join our team,â€￾ said Beery. “The technology support needs of an airline our size are vast and the complexity of our systems cannot be overstated. Both Al and Kevin bring the necessary breadth and depth to help lead the IT team as we support our current technology and explore future applications that support our key company objectives surrounding improved reliability and convenience.â€￾

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I know folks that know Kevin and they hold him in high regard.
He is also known as a regular guy.
In the past he has shared a lot of the same frustrations or complaints that others (here) have voiced from an IT perspective! (i.e. lack of investment, lack of foresight)
OK so who is the new VP of VP's??? Is there now someone who can actually RUN AN AIRLINE OPERATION??????

I certainly hope so....
:up: Next position to be appointed will undoubtedly be VP of Liquor,Drugs &Mind Altering Brainfarts. (They have QUITE a Pool of TOP TALENT to make their selection)
One thing that always concerns me is when a Sr. Executive brings in a bunch of folks from their previous employer. I just have to ask why leave Motorola for an airline? ANY Airline? Make me suspect that US may have hired people they like as opposed to the right people for the task at hand. OTOH in an IT environment it is very helpful to have like thinking people who share the same view of the solution.

Joe Beery, aka Gilligan :up: , has always hired his buddies from Motorola so that he can keep himself surrounded with "yes men". Why is it that Beery only thinks Motorola has capable folks to manage IT? Why have no women risen in the ranks under Beery? :down: And why hasn't he come under fire for the Reservation Systems integration snafus?