US Announces Resignation of EVP, Operations Al Crellin

Actually it was never AC that was behind the 20 swaps per quarter.

It's the current VP of Labor Relations that was/is the one who doesn't like "swapping"

His thought has been this and yes I know it's not a popular one.

1. 2 days off a week
2. Up to 4 weeks of vacation
3. Able to "comp" holidays
4. 20 swaps "off per 90 days
5. Can work "doubles"
6. How much more time does an employee need...?

Don't kill the messenger, I'm just giving you his thoughts from many years of conversation with him.
how about having another "conversation" with him then?
Swaps and flexible scheduling are what is on CSA/CSR's minds right now...
Scott Kirby got President AL got pissd off and quit.
:lol: that's funny....because IF "Father Meltdown" would have been named President, I WOULD HAVE QUIT! DP did A GOOD THING as Ms. Martha would say. Was in PHL just the other day and most employees had "a glow about them"....A**hole AL will NOT BE MISSED. Time to Right the Ship! :up:
Four weeks of vacation sounds good, until you understand it takes 15 years or so to get that many. Plus, you work holidays and weekends.


Many organizations give their employees two weeks of vacation plus holidays off their first year of employment, which equals..... 4 weeks.

It ain't all wine and roses! ;)
In 2004 management gave incentives for showing up for work over Thanksgiving and everything went pretty smoothly, so my presumption is they thought they had it made for Christmas.

I hate to say it, but this sticks in my gut like a knife...everyone knew when they signed up for this gig that this is a customer service oriented business..I hope for everyones sake that god forbid if you or a loved one gets seriously sick and needs medical attention on a holiday, the doctors or nurses came to work even though they did not get a freakin ipod or a turkey dinner on the company!!!! I would like to see in the union contract where the company is required to give out incentives to work on a holiday, not holiday pay but incentives....This is both a management and labor issue, they both screwed up..

Things change pal.

Just because you signed up for the gig doesn't mean you signed up to take 3 pay cuts in 3 years and literally place you at the wages of 1986 contract.

Incentives are good and prove very useful with employees in all industries.
Let me add my two cents here. First of all, I seem to be one of the few people to whom AC was always a gentleman. Before you get up in arms, I also saw his treachery and hate for well as his incompetence.

I find it curious that he "resigned" rather than "retired". At his age and years of service, he was easily eligible for retirement. I wonder what kind of message he is trying to pass by "resigning".....

As to the "Xmas meltdown", there was a lot of blame to go around. I worked the ramp that entire week and lived the meltdown first-hand. A good deal of the blame sits with PHL local management. Although there were some forces beyond their control, they could have easily handled the crisis. One of the contributions to the meltdown was that along with bad weather, flights were cancelling due to crew shortages. Many of these were once-a-day destinations and, since the bag chute was already overtaxed with all of the local bags, there was no place to put all of the bags. Management shut down the "cold" belt (used for transfer bags that are either too early or too late) and had no answers as to what to do with all of the bags. In frustration, we were forced to "cut the carts" outside the bag chute and run back to get the next flight. By the first evening, management knew there was trouble with LOTS of bags sitting. Had they used their heads, they would have solicited some people to stay overnight (and pay them enough to make it worth their while to stay), man the bag chute and process the left-over bags for the AM flights. Instead, they just ignored it, pretending it would go away. By the next day, it was worse because there were now TWICE as many bag carts sitting.....which made it impossible to work flights as there were no empty bag carts. So, for example, a cancelled flight to MCO. The bags were left to sit among the multitude of "cut carts". They could have offered 8 hours (11PM to 7AM) to 10-20 agents to man the bag chute and clean up each night's mess. Although it may still not have fixed everything, bags would have moved. Instead, this MCO example caused people to be without their bags for almost a week! Management allowed these carts to sit for DAYS. While AC may have been responsible for the underlying staff shortages, management had no problem "mandatory-ing" those of us who DID show up for work.......some common sense could have made for a lesser meltdown. Local management knew well that we were shortstaffed long before Xmas. We were just told to "do what we could with what we had....."

I probably should have added a few words when I wrote "shouldn't be the standard way to take time off." Those words would be "but it's understandable."



Even though I feel no allegiance to the company anymore (but I do still care about the customers), the reason I refuse to call in sick on a holiday is that it inevitably screws a fellow employee, who has to take my place.

I simply won't do that.
For all those who took the Early outs, Retired , or just plane left in frustration and discust, get the popocorn and cotton candy, ITS THE SAME CIRCUS, JUST A DIFFERENT BUNCH OF CLOWNS ! :lol:
I guess I fall in the "left in frustration" class, but I'm hoping things will turn around. Nothing personal against AC...didn't know him, but if half of what has been posted about him is true...maybe just maybe this is the start of things turning around.
I saw him for the first time, in person, at the Jet Pull in PHX. I had to ask HH who he was. He's a much smaller man in stature, than his head shot pictures make him appear. And the way people talk about him, I would've thought he was a big brute of a man, physically. ;)
Many on the east side figured him to have a Napoleon complex (short man syndrome).

I went one step further and figured he wouldn't hire anybody any smarter than him, either (and most of his hiree's I met confirmed that).

You work that process down the ranks, and you have the key insight as to how the quality of middle managment and supervision went down the dumper over the years.
Crellin was the main reason why they wanted to get rid of Utility, for some reason he disliked them very much.

He should have been let go a long time ago, he must have had some pictures of someone doing something wrong for him to last as long as he did!