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EastUS1, on 14 May 2012 - 11:05 AM, said:

Why bother dumping alpa just to eventually go back to that same kind of rancid BS?
You're only now asking that question? One would think that the realization would have hit you much sooner...but I guess some are a little slower than others...


Speaking of "some" being "a little slower than others..": You will eventually....(or at least hopefully), if even at some extremely distant point in time, realize that your post tacitly confesses to alpa methodology as being "rancid BS?.......??? See above reference to some "characters" not even sufficing as plausible creations for children's comic books ;)

You may wish to take a bit more time prior to affording yet more "insight".
You obviously mistake me for someone who is an ALPA devotee. Still slow on the uptake I see....

You may wish to take a bit more time prior to "spouting off" as usual...

You obviously mistake me for someone who is an ALPA devotee.

Fair enough then. For complete clarification though; should all now understand that you agree with the qualification of alpa methodology being nothing more than "rancid BS"? ;)
"Rancid BS" is your term, not mine. ALPA had a number of faults - being big and representing a broad range of different pilot groups each having their own agenda which often was contrary to National's agenda being among them. But even on the local level politics all too often took precedence over representation - getting a position of power and then keeping it, feeding at the FPL trough, bickering between different factions, etc.

Interesting that you say APA may have fallen into that trap after roughly 50 years. It took USAPA only a couple of years...but at least USAPA overachieved at something (even if it wasn't good for those it supposedly represented).

Look all you want - you'll not find a post where I even hinted at any profound love of ALPA, including back in the ALPA forum days. Unlike you, however, I don't point out defects in one organization only to ignore the same defects in another...

Umm...OK: "...the quasi adult,.." quicly followed by: "...Kim Jong Dipschitt."...? Sigh!...Another demonstrative lesson in "maturity" ;) Some "characters", one could not believably create for use in children's comic books..
I have to admit that his description is an accurate one as it pertains to Mike. The amount of dues money wasted on frivolous lawsuits initiated by Mike is appalling. This was a loser and I'm sure Gary listened to our legal counsel when he decided to drop this. I have a call in to Gary so I will try to get first hand info.
Well...It turns out that posts with nearly 5000 replies can really bog a server down. Closing this one and starting another.
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