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    Emergency Landing at PHL

    No, McCain didn't launch the missile; the Zuni missile was fired from a Phantom, and McCain was flying a Skyhawk: Yes, she probably is a better pilot than McCain, but there's no need to defame a war...
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    Aircraft maint issues

    Buck, Tom Talbert is 700UW, former stock clerk at USAir. Same posting style, same syntax, same poster.
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    Southwest launches Havana service today from FLL and TPA

    Prior to the start of scheduled service, AA flew a charter flight once a week from LAX to HAV which was usually about half full. Didn't matter to AA since it was a charter and AA got paid anyway. When the airlines filed applications for scheduled service, it made no sense for AS to apply for...
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    " Uh, Oh. Steve Bannon Protege , "Judge ROY " is a DIDDLER"

    Snopes reports that the picture you posted is a photoshopped fake:
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    Aircraft maint issues

    Welcome back, 700UW. This entire post is written with the same wording and in the same style as 700. Someone signs up and immediately defends the IAM in nearly every post. What are the odds?
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    " Uh, Oh. Steve Bannon Protege , "Judge ROY " is a DIDDLER"

    Only a matter of time until someone alleges that Bannon and Stephen Miller are also guilty of sexual abuse. Earlier this year, their buddy (and Bannon's former employee) Milo Y talked approvingly of sex with underage boys . . . Milo was deemed expendable after that slip, but Trump and Roy...
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    Will the Pilots at Spirit strike?

    Spirit pilots' pay rates are higher than US Airways single-aisle pilot pay rates before the AA merger (which has nearly doubled the old US pay rates). The Spirit pilots make the same as US Airways widebody A330 captains did prior to the merger. I'd bet that their other employees make crap...
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    Aircraft maint issues

    You aren't worth it, Dave. Have a nice weekend.
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    Aircraft maint issues

    No, Go Figure is WeAAsles. He created this username in 2011 and it sat dormant until last month, when WeAAsles began using it in the Southwest maintenance thread.
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    Trump Watch

    Trump-haters often focus on the educational deficits of the Trump supporters. What is really striking here is how your post illustrates their point. When was the Dow Jones Industrial average at "an all-time low"? The bolded part of your post implies that it was on inauguration day, Jan 20...
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    Aircraft maint issues

    Says the Miami fleet service clerk who invented new usernames to post on the Southwest maintenance thread, and is posting in this American Airlines thread. Wow. SWAMT: criticizing the worthless association is a cardinal sin around here, and the IAM-TWU Association social media coordinator...
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    A reminder of the real world

    There are still some classy people in the world. The link has some great pictures of a young yellow lab. Very sad.
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    The EMPEROR has No CLOTHES (Or a Healthcare Plan Either)!

    ScaryMoochi lasted all of 10 days. So much winning!!
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    The EMPEROR has No CLOTHES (Or a Healthcare Plan Either)!

    So much winning . . .
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    AA reports pre-tax profit of $1.5 billion excl special items for 2Q17

    Yield and unit revenue rose faster at AA than at UA or DL.