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Art at ISP

Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY
Last week I took the wife to Napa for her birthday. We bought paid F from ISP-SFO via PHL. 
US 1703 23 Jan - a 1 year old 321-N154UW I think a US bird (CFM)... Still in great shape, an excellent crew--the A FA was probably one of the best I have seen on US in a very long time. Spent time with each F customer, getting menu choices, and kept checking on us throughout the flight. BTW, I notice all catering items and meal basics are AA now.
US 403 28 Jan - the only negative thing I can say is the condition of the airplane, a west 320 of 2000 vintage.. Even my wife said, "what a ratty plane"... N604AW. BUT the service was absolutely top notch, as with the outbound...the A FA was named Violane, and has what I believe to be a French accent. In addition to being as attentive as the westbound FA, she came through the F cabin after handing coats out on approach and thanked each F customer personally for their business...a nice touch which I had never seen at US before ( have seen AA do it). By the way--if it was a West airplane and flight number, does that mean the FA's were west?
It's these little things which make a difference, especially to us frequent travelers. I wasn't looking for anything for free, paid for F, and got great value. Those who upgraded got a bonus.
 Loyalty still needs to be rewarded, and customer satisfaction still means something....are you listening Dougie?
All in all, I think things are looking up for AA/US...at least I hope so.
To the crews above, thank you for a job well done--I hope this becomes the new standard of service at AA/US.....
Oh and the icing on the cake (not US though), when we arrived at ISP, the plow operators were waiting to follow customers to their cars and dig them out...I've NEVER seen that before.
My BEST to you all.....
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Sounds like a great trip and a lot of fun, Art.

And people say nobody buys domestic First Class anymore. As you pointed out, it's the little things that make big impressions. When the people on the front lines are clicking on all cylinders as they were for you, you can even overlook delays and other things that are outside their control.

As to the A320, my suspicion is that they're not long for the fleet and will be retired in short order in favor of new 738s. Perhaps not as quickly as the MD-80s, but there's a reason new AA announced updated interiors for the US A319 fleet but not the A320s, and I suspect that reason is the planned retirement of many (if not all) of the A320 fleet.
Thanks for the reply--I'd imagine they announced the new interiors for the 319s to take out a row of first and leave them at 8 F....lol
I was more than impressed--hopefully the improvements will continue...
Recently non reved first time on US flights. FLL-PHL appeared to be a brand new A321, FAs very friendly (PHX based cabin crew). PHL-FRA A300 again very nice cabin (maybe newer A330) FAs were OK, friendly enough! Overall a nice flight! The 767 300 really seems tired compared to the Airbus A330. Overall very good experience!