9/11 Memorial in Washington DC


Aug 20, 2002
> All Airline Personnel,
> On September 11, 2002, airline industry employees will come together from
across the country for a special memorial event on the Mall in Washington
> The event has two purposes. First, we want to address the fear and
anxiety still felt by many in the airline industry. Speakers will
encourage, inspire, and offer hope. Second, we want our nation’s enemies,
who used U.S. airliners in their attack, to see that their plan to weaken
and demoralize our industry has failed. Instead, we have risen up in
> We are asking you to consider partnering with us and support this event.
Please help to get the word out by e-mailing and distributing the attached
flyer to as many people and organizations as you can. Every effort is being
made to post this appeal in stores, businesses, churches, clubs, schools,
and any other place it can be displayed.
> Volunteers are needed as well as tax-deductible donations. Please see the
flyer for contact information.
> Thank you in advance for the part you take in being United Americans.
> Help is needed for the event. To volunteer, call 410-674-6229 /
703-726-8872 or
> e-mail: [email protected]