Al Crellin Article

Doug Parker doesn't have the reputation....yet.

He still has Jerry G on the payroll. Is anyone asking why?
Al is not ...decent, truthful, moral. Remember that. He will say what needs to be said, do whatever needs to be done to promote Al. Do not think you know him....

I have watched him for almost 3 decades......We can only hope he leaves soon.
AC has my utmost respect. I have known him from my days at PSA. The "east employees" need to forget about the past and work on building a bright future. We can all work together to build a great franchise.

Which past would that be?

The one that robbed shareholders and vendors of hard-earned money?

The one that put tens of thousands of employees on the streets, and left the remainder with decimated pensions?

The one where management always blamed employees?

Let's get into that last one.

I don't think even Jerry Glass or Steve Wolf would disagree that the U business plan was flawed (profits would be the final arbiter on that question).

So during the past ten years, name ONE management mea culpa that was not full of contingencies blaming others. Name one executive that accepted not only the responsibility for a failure, but the responsibility for fixing it.
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"What I'd like to be able to do," Crellin said, "is put the airline together and have all the employees be OK and their families be OK and have our airline be successful, and I can leave our industry and feel it was a nice cap for my career."
I see someone's pants on fire............... :shock:
" Personally, I find DP to be an "arrogant" son-of-a-bitchh". And yes, Iv'e finally met the guy, AND NOT IMPRESSED ONE IOTA! "
i was gonna say something not nice to you pitt. but i am gonna reserve myself because i respect you .
Al Credllin ---Doug Parker---Bruce Lakfield---all of these guys are the same.

Corporate Greed, Corporate Disgust…. They will do ANYTHING to turn a profit.

There are no visionary’s or original thinkers anymore, just money counters.



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"There are no visionary’s or original thinkers anymore, just money counters."

You must have pig mud in your eyes. While not all people are good, there are still some good people.
AC has my utmost respect. I have known him from my days at PSA. The "east employees" need to forget about the past and work on building a bright future. We can all work together to build a great franchise.
Obviously doesn't say much about you or integrity. I for one have never heard a positive word about it PSA,Piedmont,or USair. I was born at night- NOT LAST NIGHT (Who in the living hell are YOU kidding making such a ridiculous statement)

While I agree with much of what you said above, I still have a problem with him (or any other executive) not taking part of the blame in any way shape or form. And I do agree that when you are surrounded by feces, it is hard to come out smelling like a rose.

My questions/comments become:

1) While I agree that the spin AFTER the fact was to put pressure on the unions and make a case to the BK judge for section 1113 contract abrogation, why did they not have a plan for what they knew was coming? Are we to believe that they planned out this whole event to make a point?

2) If you are the VP of Operations don't you have to sign off on any new staffing model? Isn't it your responsibility to have the data and know that you have a ramp staffing issue related to LTD, OJI, etc? They knew they were going to be open on more then 100 shifts even before "normal" call offs. They were banking on being able to assign mandatory overtime and didn't really have a plan. Where were all of the Managers/Executives/VP's/Directors on those days? If you knew you had a potential meltdown in the works, why not rally the troops and be prepared. I know for a fact that certain Directors/Executives that could have helped out were in fact in other cities on vacation and forced their subordinates to fly to PHL on the holiday. I'm sorry but I am from the school of lead by example. There is nothing I would ask a fellow employee to do that I wouldn't do myself.

3) I think you are right that MPA may have been brought along for the ride because of experience in the operating environment. I keep hearing that he is being kept on because of the operating certificate. I don't by that. The ops cert is issued to the airline, not a VP. There are some very talented individuals that have just as much experience, if not more, in the operating of the airline in this environment.

4) Are you sure that it was MPA's idea or recommendation to get more equipment in PHL? Who's to say DP didnt' take a tour of PHL and see for himself that they couldn't operate with what little they had? Who's to say that someone didn't finally listen to what everyone in PHL has been trying to tell the old team? I do understand that we were between a rock and a hard place when it came to spending money and replacing equipment, but there was no plan in place to deal with the situation.

5) We did have very good operting stats, but then came all the cuts. We over cut staffing in all functions and then wonder why it hit the fan. We lost all of our resources. We operated with very few (if any) spare airplanes, no crews to fly what we did have, no ground equipment, etc. Who is ultimately responsible for all of those things? Who signed off on all of those plans?

Unfortunately Bob, I can't forgive and forget so easily. Until he proves to me that his ability to plan has changed and not that he has become a party boy, I still harbor ill feelings.
I thing some upper management always rely on the public short term memory
The Arizona Republic is not known for its factual information. Sensationalism, special interest and agendas yes. :)
At least you got the 2nd one right....

Al would sell his Mother out...just so Al could look good.

He isn't really worth the time or breath...