Congratulations to all US employees and management!


Aug 28, 2002
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL US EMPLOYEES INCLUDING THE MANAGEMENT TEAM for successfully coming out of Chap 11! I''m sure that I am also speaking for many other frequent US flyers when I compliment you on accomplishing a very difficult task. As a US1 for the past 7 years I have interfaced with 100''s of US employees each year and can honestly say that 99% of you do a great job. This has remained true even during the past difficult year. I know that the process has been and continues to be very painful and anxiety filled, but the other alternative, dissolution would have been much worse.

I hope that in a year or two US will once again be growing and profitable as the economy and world situations settle down. This is a success story - you made it - difficult times remain but US is still here to work through them. I for one, will be happy to continue to fly on US.

I see so much negative on this site I just had to post something positive. Keep up the good work and best wishes for future success. Problems and challenges do not just go away, they have to be resolved and addressed and you worked together to do both.

Take a minute to feel a little pride in what you have accomplished. I hope that the process wounds will heal over time and that eventually everyone on furlough might have a chance to come back. See you on a US flight soon!