employees sharing information with the public


Aug 20, 2002
We all need to be aware that there are people on this website that do not have Us airways best interest at heart. It doesnt help when employees get involved in an explanation of how us operates be hind the scenes. Im not saying this to any one person not even sure it happens alot. Some of the anger from customers on here is coming from "insider" information[;)] We all need to know there are alot of people just hoping we will fail lets keep our secret on how we shoot ourselves in the foot just between ourselves :)
Sir---when I was an employee I had a very good friend who had inside information from somewhere--not employees--and he told me things that were going to happen before they happened and 9 out of 10 times he was right on the money. Don't try to put a strip of tape over the employees mouths. Honey, it's always the employees who are the last to know. Some poor res agent had no idea that the company had gone bankrupt until a pax told her. it's not the every day employee who leeks information it comes from above.
Very good point, flyboy... We should never post things here that we wouldn't want to be in the Washington Post.

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