Letter To Dave Siegel From Afa

Well DELETED BY MODERATOR PineyBob lets see:

The business traveler is not paying the freight any more!

The new paridigm will be catering to the cattle car clientel

We hopefully will be getting live TV and such to pacify the coach trash

So, will you let your company know you will not need to be paid while traveling on an airliner ,I mean you are not cleaning any floors or anything now are you!!

I thought you had a clue about what this industry was all about, but I guess not!! :shock:
Flight pay and per diem are industry standard. U's FAs are now some of the lowest paid in the industry- more than half of them lost thier jobs and the half that are still there are in financial ruin. Families have been broken up, dreams shattered. Quit while your ahead buddy.
It is not about the pay it is about the inefficent, unproductive work rules that are in place. I am sure if you offered to have WN work rules you could have their pay and benifits too and then management could fly like WN just like Perry suggested. Any volunteer's? Or would you rather perpetuate the notion that your work rules are competeive with WN, because you know the truth. The only two employee groups that would not have to make significnt changes to their work rules are Fleet IAM and CWA (of which I do not belong to lest you think I am a member of one of them). All the major labor groups have a long way to go to be as productive as WN and Jet Blue.

With WN workrules we could probably fly 60 plus addtional mainline airplanes with WN work rules.
You know what Bob, the employees gave back over $1.2 billion a year in concessions, the vendors over $1 billion. It is not the labor costs or work rules, it is inept management who does not know how to run an airline, it has been proven countless times you can't shrink to profitiblity, and that is a fact.

There is not one molecule of trust from the employees to Dave Siegel and his executives, they would rather, lie, cheat, steal and threaten then to honor the very existing contracts they agreed to, they had two rounds of concessions, it is not the employees!

What would happen if the BOD decided to violate Siegel's, Cohen's, McKeen's or Glass' employment contracts?

This company is losing in revenue $123,000 a day cause they would rather fight its employees then to honor a labor contract which the Federal Courts have told them three times it is IAM covered work, so know we have three soon to be 10 Airbii that they ferried out to GYR in AZ to park, still paying the lease and insurance, but not flying, that makes no sense!

I would rather see this company go out of business then to give Siegel a red cent back.

PS, why did you not answer the questions I poised to you?
I know I am going to get flack for this one, but here goes.
The flight attendant group would love to see a change in a lot of the work rules as long as it doesn't cost us more money. However, the more "senior" f/a's don't like change. Take for instance the new reserve system. The "junior" work force loves it, the "senior" hate it. I can tell you the union does too. Well, too bad. It sucks, YES but now it sucks for everyone. The biggest gripe out there is the No passing thing. Well, we are getting paid to work NOT pass. The flight attendants abused the system for years.. YES, they did and I don't want to here anything about it being their right. Well, that is gone.....hopefully for ever. If they don't like it, get the #### out. It is about time that the playing field is even.

There is still lots of money to be save from out work rules and NOT from the backs of the flight attendants. The village idiot just hasn't figured it out yet.
Real World,

Welcome back to the boards!

I could not agree more with your comments. The work rules within this company must change for us to become a more competitive airline. The employees are swift to mention the WN pay scales, but won’t touch their productivity and work rules. Anyone can look at the competition and how their “fleet serviceâ€￾ utilizes their job duties. The CWA can take a lesson with the LCCs and their effective work rules. For the outsiders, B6 customer service agents handle inside/outside functions. Below is an example of their duties.

“Customer Service Crewmembers will be responsible for all facets of Airport and Ground Operations. Duties may include customer check-in and boarding of flights, loading and unloading customer luggage, parking and pushing out aircraft, assisting with fleet servicing, cleaning aircraft interior, and maintaining ground equipment. In addition, Crewmembers may also be responsible for the safe loading and unloading of catering equipment.â€￾

The memo by Perry Hayes is an embarrassment to all flight attendants. Teddy Xidas should also end her assault on this management team. Her latest Local 40 update clearly proves that she should end trying to be a “weekend airline analystâ€￾. Does she not understand that WN is not interested in having a level playing field.
PineyBob said:
My original point is I think Mr. Hayes has a very short thin leg to stand on with his particular union and the amount of work they do.
You're totally clueless, totally!
Smoke and Mirrors:

Your qoute - "The memo by Perry Hayes is an embarrassment to all flight attendants. Teddy Xidas should also end her assault on this management team. Her latest Local 40 update clearly proves that she should end trying to be a “weekend airline analystâ€￾. Does not she understand that WN is not interested in having a level playing field."

First, as an ALPA member I only wish our MEC had Perry's balls. That letter was outstanding and long overdue. The AFA should be proud to know they have someone LEADING that understands just how inept Siegel is. And he is absolutely correct calling for new management.

Second, Xidas is a far better "airline analyst" than Siegel is. And her assault needs to continue because this management is killing this airline. Or haven't you been paying attention?

The answer to our problems do not now fill the offices in CCY. These guys need to go. The AFA is leading the charge. I only hope my ALPA can follow them now. We certainly haven't been leading. And THAT is an embarrasment to all pilots.

Bob, apparently you don't have any idea of the line mechanic and their functions, in a hub you have 40 airplanes on the ground at once, they leave an an hour later another 40 pull in, you should not make comments or statements on something you have no idea about. There is no differance then a mechanic or an agent waiting for their next flight then a pilot baby sitting an autopilot who flies the plane for them.
Hey guys... Bob isn't looking for a Flight Attendant on his next trip.....He's looking for a SLAVE !!!! :rolleyes:
Real World,

Missed you, mean it....

Yes, we all know your not IAM or CWA... We know you are the "Real World" at CCY.

My friend, and long time no talky/talky (I know you are just itching to write to me but are not permitted)........ I see you CCY wigs lifted the "ban" on the local AFA PIT President...lol......smart move, things are about to get "ugly".


Take it to the bank, and let the threats begin.

Your management has been nothing short of "little sh%4s from sun up to sun down, with the employees. Dumping folks off LTD, OJI, denying medical leaves and hammering sick occurences and disciplines with major terminations by increasing the level of disciplines. Too late, too bad, too sad.


And if you can possibly keep 1 employee on MDA that is NOT managment who gets to enjoy "mainline" medical, while the rank and file of their MDA have substandard medical coverages/contributions/ co - pays and deductables.....it will be your miracle. There will be such a turnover rate, make your head spin and spin while folks go through the revolving door. No written committemnt to that "hell hole".

Get someone else at the table for you guys QUICK. Your folks are inept.
Smoke and Mirrors said:
some feeble attempt at character assasination or another
You know, if it had ever occured to you marketing brain-trusts to actually grow your mainline fleet by 60 airframes, I'm sure that all labor groups would seriously consider the WN workrules.

What you want to do is shrink the headcount with those work rule changes, instead of doing your job. You can't shrink an airline into profitability (even your Daddy Gordo knows this). Further, you had your chance to bone the work groups in that manner, and took a pass--remember, the "express" exit from bankruptcy?

You guys are going to end up in the Business Review as an example of what not to do, someday.

You guys are great. Instead of keeping your big traps shut, you try for one hitters here on this forum, and are debunked by your own labor groups, and now your own customers. It's even more funny that watching the Post bone Castalever a few weeks ago.
PineyBob, I just lost a lot of respect for you. Yeah, I am sure it's easy for someone on the outside looking in to come to your conclusions. I guess the job looks too easy. Funny that none of us has ever degraded what you do for a living. Not that we should because we know what its like to be degraded and personally don't wish that on anyone. PineyBob for all the superficial stuff that you complain about perhaps you need to get real and understand just what's going on with the average US Airways employee. An average week for me is, I go to work, I come home and I battle with US Airways insurance provider over asthma medication and equipment for my kid. I spend several hours a week, on my off time, trying to get this red neck company in South Carolina to pay what they are supposed to pay. Then I go over finances and strategize can I save enough to send the kids to college or am I going to have to sell my house because of the paycuts. PineyBob, I basically spend all my off time dealing with the fallout of bad management decisions. PineyBob US Airways mis management has spilled into our personal lives, where it affects everyday decisions. Its stressful, and it sucks! Maybe that doesn't mean much to you, heck I hope you are luckier than we are in that when you go to the doctor you're taken care of, and that you have a pension or savings plan to take care of you when you can't work anymore. US Airways employees no longer have these basic needs met. So forgive us if we're just a little piss@d off at your assumptions. We honestly have every right to hate US Airways management.
"A view from an inside room".

Flying Hippie,

Your example is what I hear about daily. The employees are struggling with job issues that have permeated into their personal lives. Many employees are medicated for emotional problems now. If I told you what U spent (they are self insured) from jan. to Aug. on anxiety and depressive meds, would knock you down silly. And it would have been much much higher than that, BUT WE NOW PAY higher CO-PAYS Than in previous years, which ARE EXTREMELY HIGH FOR OUR PAY SCALE.

I have f/as who cut the pills in half, just to make it last longer so they don't have to refill it so soon. NOW IS THAT HEALTHY??????


YOU HAVE NO CLUE what state the employees are in presently, let alone to ask for more productivity to work them even harder with even less "down time".

Folks wonder why I take this hard, Left position???? I am given no choice.
PITbull, I consider myself and my family the "lucky" ones because we are dealing with a lot less than many of our fellow co-workers. I find it no coincidence that Dave Siegel and his management team pull out their bag of dirty tricks right before the holidays. He is an evil, sick, sick man. I love my job, but I hate what this company has become.