Mediation for Mechanics

Hopeful, I'm going to assume that you're somewhat of an optimist, given your username. I can hardly imagine what it would have been like to make significant concessions years ago with understanding that I was doing it to save the company. Then, pushing six years later I'm in mediation to get that back and more. However, the reality is that there is no way that AMR will be able to capitulate to all three groups demands at this time. It stinks, I know. There has got to be a way to move forward in a fashion that can facilitate working together and getting this airline healthy again.
<_< ------ You want to "facilitate working together"? ------- Get reed of the PUPS! Then maybe AA would have a little extra to pay the help!
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Go ask the employees at Southwest what they think of their current management.

Everyone loved Herb -- he was the guy there from the start thru all the growth. Gary Kelly is the second guy to follow Herb. Most people don't even remember Jim Parker. Note to skeptics -- the unions pretty much called for Parker's head...

Hate to break it to you, but the rapid growth at WN is over. So are the semi-annual stock-splits, and the days of being a paper millionaire on profit sharing stock.

Heck, they've even lost money two quarters in a row, and might find themselves in a position to have to furlough. Maybe they'll even have to look for concessions...

Even if LUV took concessions, they are still wAAy AAhead of us!
Ok just for argument sake lets say were not in a postion to get all back, but there is no good reason why they would be asking for more connsessions look at both proposals they are full of more give backs. The workers have been working hand and hand with the company to improve productivity and save money we are doing this with alot less people. Its a slap in the face that they treat us this way after all we did and are still doing to improve this company. They treat there workforce with a complete lack of respect. they ought to look at how Herb Keller treated his employees, heck the pilots at Southwest took a full page ad in the paper thanking him for all his years of service when he retired.
Ok so all the people with all the smarts have nothing to say about this, except the last sentance about Herb. Hmmm must be on to something