More Alpa - Us Airways Meetings

OldGuyinPA said:
Gee ... if we respond to USFLIBOI...

The remarks are deleted and we're sent packing......Only in Amerika.
Old guy! Simply not true. If someone was sent packing, they broke the rules one too many time. This board is free and has rules plain and simple. All they ask is for you to follow the rules. I speak my opinions . Some dont like my opinion so they want to call names and spout off insults. I hope these arent the same people who damage cars in the parking lots during contract disputes, but go figure that . We all work for the same company and all we have to do is follow the rules on this board that the sponsors pay for. Is it that hard to understand? I try to respect people and although disagree with some , i dont find a need to insult and call names. Thanks!