Scam Cirri and Debbie Stealer

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May 29, 2010
TWU Local 514 President and Chairman of Fleet Service
Pull off the best scam of Local 514 and Tulsa Base

Alright everybody I hope this gets your attention and action. Over the base closure a well put together plan played out for Sam Cirri and Debbie Tiller to be awarded jobs at the Tulsa Base in Title II as plant maintenance mechanics. As most of you know by now that Fleet Service duties were reassigned to Title I OSM. Sam and Debbie both being FSC's at the base were laid off on Dec 14th, 2012. They chose and were awarded to displace a less junior employee at DFW. This was the last day of the Fleet Service dept at TULE. Somehow out of 130+ employees these two were the only ones awarded positions even though others with more seniority also qualified. The word on the floor is that somehow they stayed as an in station employee on the transfer list after Dec 14, because Sam had requested that they be paid by the local under UBC. All the others that qualified were offered jobs on their last day in Tulsa and told to report to Plant Maintenance on Dec 17th.
Late on Friday night Dec 14th those other employees were called back by the supervisor and told to go to DFW, their awarded city in the RIF. They now have to transfer back as out of station while Sam and Debbie remain in station even though Fleet is gone and she has less seniority than the other person that qualified for painter, the position Debbie was awarded during base closure. Sam got electronics. Remember people, Sam and Debbie both bumped someone out of their jobs in DFW, causing someone to either hit the street or relocate their family. Total BS from the local President and Chairman of Fleet. Everyone should protest this. They hoped to slide this in while everyone was gone during base closure. Call the local and international and let them know this is wrong and that Sam and Debbie should be ask to step down and have the transfers voided. Great leaders our local 514. Another black eye for the TWU ! Go AMFA !!!
did you expect anything less? come on now. wait till round two in september...when md80's,757's and 767's start going away. first MCI stabbed in the back, then AFW stabbed in the back do you REALLY think TUL will not be next?
"They can do that, brother"

When will you people in TULE realize "enough is enough" and do something about it!!

Sign a damn card already.
I would like to say that I am surprised. This is the culture of the TWU. You put these hillbilly types in leadership positions, and is it any wonder they feel somehow entitled to get away with this?
Just another fine example of how the TWU operates in conjunction with the company. Very sad. Go AMFA!!
Thanks for the info. I don't know if you work in Tulsa, but why you make some flyers and post this same info the all around the Base. Everyone needs to wake up!! Does this surprise anyone anymore? Lets gets these AMFA cards signed and lets rid ourselves of the Totally
Worthless Union and there closed door deals.

Message from Local 514 President Sam Cirri, Regarding Fleet Service and Article 12(m) Transfers
January 4, 2013

The Tulsa Fleet Service Clerks have known for months their jobs were being outsourced. In an attempt to stay in Tulsa the majority of these members put in for 12 (m) transfers to Title I and Title II. Due to workload and Early Outs there was a need for Title II Mechanics. Since no Mechanics in Title II were laid off out of Tulsa, the company utilized the transfer list. The company set up Work Experience Reviews for all who had put their name on the transfer list. Fourteen Title II positions were awarded, including myself, Debbie Tiller and other Fleet Service Clerks.

We tried to get the company to complete this prior to the Fleet Service RIF date and had also asked the Company to delay their report date by a month. (The Company refused.) We will continue to help these folks in getting their transfers back to Tulsa. No report dates have been set up as of yet.

Let’s not forget we are dealing with people’s lives here and let’s stick to the facts, not what is posted on a blog site.

Sam Cirri, President
Transport Workers Union of America Local 514

Allan Ball

Transport Workers Union of America Local 514
11945 East Pine Street
Tulsa, Ok 74116
V 918.437.4300
F 918.437.0310
C 918.269.0504

Sammy is feeling guilty
Guilty indeed.

...Or just pissed that his actions-and anyone else's- can be broadcast to a wide audience in fairly short order...

Is what's been posted on this "blog site" not factual?
Wink ;) wink ;)

We tried blah,blah,blah Jim little wouldn't help us blah,blah,blah so we helped ourselves blah,blah,blah we can do that brother and you ate out of order for asking too many questions...
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"We tried to get the company to complete this prior to the Fleet Service RIF date and had also asked the Company to delay their report date by a month."

Who delayed your report day Sam?

"We tried to get the company to complete this prior to the Fleet Service RIF date and had also asked the Company to delay their report date by a month. (The Company refused.)"

The company refused all but TWO you mean.

"Title II positions were awarded, including myself, Debbie Tiller and other Fleet Service Clerks."

Yet Sam and Debbie were the only two Fleet Service Clerks awarded positions at TULE. Interesting.

Let’s not forget we are dealing with people’s lives here and let’s stick to the facts, not what is posted on a blog site.

Apparently you "dealt" with people's lives by bumping two DFW employees out of a job then never reporting.

If I want to go to a blog that ignores facts I will visit the TWU 514 website. By the way, this is a forum and not a blog, learn the difference.
Okay Allan,

Please ask Sam exactly when and where to produce the documents which support when and where he acquired the skills necessary for the electronics position. I have reviewed the QAM and the experienced credit review requirements and wonder exactly how and when Sam acquired the skills. If Sam has the required "credited experience" necessary to meet the requirements, he should have no issue posting them here for the Local 514 membership to review, investigate, and if necessary ask questions in next months membership meetings. I seem to recall a TWU International president who once had a Masters from Columbia...which turned out to be "Columbia State University" which was a diploma mill, not an actual University! I can say for sure, but maybe Sam and Jimmy were trained by the same type of school.
I need to reply to this posting. I received a call tonight about this posting and Sam's letter from some of my mechanic friends at the base. I understand this has caused quite an uproar among the troops! I'm going to give everyone the facts Sam. My name is Greg Martin ee# 141789. Hired date 9-12-1988. I am one of the 3 men from FSC that has got caught up in this ugly, ugly mess. I would like to say I was hoping it would not come to this Sam. I called you last Saturday to give you one more chance to discuss this with us. You wont even call me back. So here are the FACTS !!!

Sam and Debbie were the first two interviews given.
Both received 36 months of credited experience.
Sam as electronics
Debbie as painter
There were no painter openings!!
Only 3 others were given the 36 months credited experience.
We were called by management of facilities and offered jobs and told to report at Faciltities on Monday Dec 17th. Don't go to Texas!!!
We have this on tape.
We were called back at around 6 pm Friday night by the same supervisor and told we must report to DFW on Monday now.
Sam needed to stay back on this to work on getting these jobs. On UBC.
Sam requested Debbie to stay back as well to assist in these matters.
The TWU allowed this UBC sometime before Friday Dec 14th. ( Really Strange I think.)
The other two men are single fathers trying to raise their kids. Their kids are now being raised by family members out of state.
We became out of station transfers on Wed Dec 17th.
Sam and Debbie stayed in station and got their award on Dec 26 or 27th.
During base closure when we were told nothing could be done for us because everyone would be out!
Mitch had more seniority than Debbie and qualified for the same position.
Mitch needed to be placed out of the way for her to get the award.
Sam and Debbie are the only two to get jobs out of 130+ clerks
Sam and Debbie both elected to exercise their seniority to bump a junior employee out of their job!
They both were awarded DFW, the same as the other 3.
We reported
They did not
All of us are listed as DFW employees. They should be out of station transfers as well.
They are supposed to bid next week with us. Their names are of the bid !!
They caused employees of Local 513 to lose their positions
Another unneccessary hardship causing another family to move, split up or go back to part time.
Sam has never offered any assistance to us other than to call Talent services.
He has never once offered to help us file a grievance to get the jobs we were awarded!
Are we truly being represented by you?
This has caused a tremendous hardship on all 3 of us!! Plus all the other FSC's that were told they had jobs as MSP's on the last day at work. Both emotionally and financially.
Sam's little letter just helped us out even more!
I dont think I will ever be brought back to Tulsa after this!
All we ever wanted was a fair and equal chance at those jobs!
These are the FACTS !!!
I'll let the readers decide if there was any type of abuse of power or position to gain an unfair advantage! I will not sit quietly and just let this go through for them.

Maybe I'm wrong. What do ya'll think? I'd love to hear your comments! Especially yours SAM !!
To all my friends in Tulsa, I'll see you later it has been great working with you all over the last 17+ years. I had a lot of great times. I just wish it would not have ended like it did. Greg
Sad very sad indeed. More TWU scams and they do not care how painful and disruptive to someones life it brings. Another I got mine and screw you. TWU has to go.
They really suck big time. My heartfelt sympathy goes to you Mr. Martin.
There was going to be some kind of pay back by AA and the international for Sam selling the TA to Tulsa. The wronged parties need to file grievances and make the company and union respond in writing. Seeing that they are still writing the contract I am guessing there will be some kind of language they can point to to try to justify the deed. Do not take this lying down. Sam is showing his true colors now. He screws you now and someone else later. I'm also interested in his electrician background. If he was a licensed electrician I have to wonder why he was covering seats and laying carpet. Good luck Flynfish.