OK Bob, what was I supposed to notice? It looks like just more of the same Tulsa World articles interviewing TWU local leaders talking about the horrors of voting this T/A down. In the Sunday article Rick Mullings tells Tulsa the worst thing that might happen would be bankruptcy leading us to liquidate. So now we are looking at liquidation??? In the Saturday article Yingst was spouting off about what a terrible deal United got in BK. He said they agreed to a reduction in base pay that makes it lower than American''s. This is NOT true. Friday at work the local leadership came on the basewide PA and announced that United''s pay cut of 13% in their T/A is on top of and added to the 14% they had cut earlier. This also is not true. This announcement was meant to mislead the Tulsa workers into even greater fear of BK. Here are the facts of the United T/A compared to the AA T/A

United''s Mechanic Pay scale under the new T/A

2003(-13%) $30.45/hr.
2004(+1.5%) $30.91/hr.
2005(+1.5%) $31.37/hr.
2006(+1.5%) $31.84/hr.
2007(+1.5%) $32.32/hr.
2008(+1.5%) $32.80/hr.

American''s Mechanic Pay scale under the new T/A

2003(-17.5%) $30.25/hr.
2004(+1.5%) $30.63/hr.
2005(+1.5%) $31.01/hr.
2006(+1.5%) $31.40/hr.
2007(+1.5%) $31.80/hr.
2008(+1.5%) $32.20/hr.
Rick Mullings shows up each and every time FEAR needs to be spread. He is nothing more than one of lazy ass officers who wants everyone to carry his work load while he goes off to the union hall to generate more FEAR. How could anyone elect or follow such a person to a leadership position? The Tulsa Local Union Officers are the weakest in the industry, yet lead the biggest local in the system. I am embarrased to be represented by these clowns.

I hope they build their non-voted on union hall just in time for AMFA to remove them from the property.

Rick Mullings offered legal precident to prove TWA would be fully stapled to the bottom of our seniority. Yet, everytime I ask him about it now, he stares to the floor and walks on. He has failed to gives us the contracting out percentage at AA. It refuses to admit that with the SRP/OSM structure combined with the illegitmate thrust/wieght experience credit farse, that AA enjoys the lowest average maintenance wage in the industry.

And now to top this, he advocates futher lowering of pay in exchange for jobs.

Why spend millions to fight Right-to-Work because it would "lower wages"? Rick Mullings and the rest of the Sheep Herders are doing a fine job without legislation.

Next thing you know, they will be throwing statistics our way showing how much our wages have dropped because Right-to-Work passed in Oklahoma. Then they will start petition initiative to re-vote on Right-to-Work. When the facts are clear, the TWU negotiated without fight, a 30% reduction in our standard of living, and they advocate a less than inflation pay increase for another 6 year contract.

Way to go Rick Mullings and the TWU. You are impressing all of us with your..

..ILC Industry Leading Concessions

PS - And to top that, the sheep still place the ILC sun shade in their Automobile Windsheilds at work????

On 4/13/2003 12:02:47 PM AAdockmech wrote:

WOW!!! Yes I missed it. I was in a hurry looking at the paper this morning before church. I just looked at the front page and went to the business section where I found the usual Tulsa World article on our demise.

You went to church and missed the ad? So what do you think about the T/A taking Good Friday away?
WOW!!! Yes I missed it. I was in a hurry looking at the paper this morning before church. I just looked at the front page and went to the business section where I found the usual Tulsa World article on our demise.

Let me say THANK YOU Local 562. We need someone who will stand up for us here in Tulsa (our elected leaders won''t). I hope we can return the favor and stand up together to save our profession. Our leaders will have more lies to spew because of the facts you have presented but there are many members here who know the truth or who want to know the truth.
Buck, I''m not happy at all about my union deciding I need to work on Good Friday. I saw that they did manage to save Labor Day for us. I''ld like to trade with them, I certainly won''t feel like worshiping my labor union on Labor Day.
To the folks in Tulsa, I hope you liked our ad this sunday. If someone with an extra copy would please mail it to our local so that we can post it on our own BBoards we would be gratefull.

Local 562
153-33 Rockaway Blvd
Jamaica, NY 11434

Thanks again, and don''t be mislead!
Does everyone from the northeast remember just a few years ago when they made Jim Cobbit in charge of the northeast? Do we really need him? Brewster did the entire east coast for a number of years without a problem!! This is just one example of how top heavy we are!! To add insult to the mismanagment fiasco Gene Herchek from jfk was give one year pay to leave and "save" someone elses job. In reality they are looking to fill a level 6 position in LGA which can be handled by Mike Torns that just went back to jfk!! or Gene should have been told to actually work his last year for the monies he received