U.S.Air are you next ??


Nov 19, 2002
A.M.F.A. @ USAirways

As most of you are well aware by now, on Monday,7/14/03 the National Mediation Board announced that after ten years and three attempts, the Mechanic and Related employee group at UAL were finally able to fire their company friendly, pretend union AKA the iam.

For the next several weeks AMFA will be helping UAL employees to organize approximately 6 locals, hold elections for shop reps etc..

In the mean time we at USAirways need to collect another 150 cards (system wide) so that, at or about the third week in August, we can file a representation dispute through the N.M.B..

The law requires that we have 50% plus one card in order to file. However, since the iam won’t let us just walk away with “their dues moneyâ€￾, it is necessary to collect an additional 10% just to make sure that the iam can’t stop an election from happening through the creative use of their attorneys.
That is what happened at UAL two years ago; because the iam persuaded the NMB to allow Management and Planners to be counted, AMFA fell 3 cards short.

Don’t let that happen to us!

Though we have collected cards from 98% of Line and HM mechanics in CLT, 60% of Utility as well as most mechanics in the shops are being led astray by pro iam fools that will do anything to keep their little gig going.

How else can you explain the blind support of a second vote on 9/17/02 followed by support of yet another round of concessions on 1/10/03.

We are currently at 55% and we will file in August regardless, but if we are to avoid repeating the mistake those AMFA organizers @ UAL made two years ago, we must continue to collect cards.

WAKE UP FOOLS! The AMFA shirt is cute but if you can’t collect a card you might as well wear an iam strike cobra.

AMFA @ US AIRWAYS 2003 Charlotte
On 7/16/2003 7:11:12 AM LavMan wrote:

Wrong the NMB only requires 35% of the covered employees to file for an election.

As you put it "wrong", see below.


The applicant is required to furnish all of the information requested on both pages of the NMB No. 1. The application must be signed by the Chief Executive of the labor organization or designee.

Authorization cards must be submitted with the application. The authorization cards must be signed by the employees in the craft or class which is listed on the application. If the employees are unrepresented, authorization cards from at least 35% of the craft or class must be submitted with the application. If the employees are represented and there is a valid existing collective bargaining agreement covering the employees, authorization cards from a majority of the craft or class must be submitted with the application.
Lav I am afraid you are in correct. For new reprsentation cases the NMB requires 35 percent but if you are under contract already you need a 50 percent plus on in showing of cards to request an election. bPlease refer to the NMB.gov website for rules and election information.