US Airways delays A350 deliveries

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Way to find an old pic of when Parker and Co. tried to convince Delta to join the darkside. Good thing mother Delta, Gerald Grinstein, and all of the widgets united and told Parker to go piss in the wind. We've now become the largest, most powerful airline in the universe!!! :up:

And to think, had Parker gotten his sleazy hands on Delta, we'd be serving "Texas Toast" right now. :lol:

No, You'd be charging for bags and sodas. Everyone will come to this side sooner or later. Don't flatter yourself.. If it wasn't for NW, you'd still be trying to figure things out. It's not about Delta, it's about the situation. It took 2 to tango and the sooner ur unionized the better you'll be.........Lonely Ramper!
NW operates the 747-400, and I read that they still have some older -200 models used for freighters. There was speculation about their place in the combined DL/NW fleet.

We, thats to say Delta, operate a fleet of 16 747-400's, which seat an impressive 403 passengers. 65 in World Business Class and 338 in coach. We also have a dedicated fleet of 15 747-200 series aircraft which operate from our Anchorage, Alaska super cargo hub. In fact, we're the only U.S. carrier with a dedicated cargo fleet. 2 of the 747-200's have recently been converted to passenger ops, so we can serve charter operations as well.
Other than cancellation of the 2 that were to be leased from ILFC there's been no public statements indicating that they won't come as scheduled (or is that rescheduled from the original agreement).

The investor guidance only covers thru the end of 2008, so it's no help for specific 2009 fleet changes by quarter.

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