US Airways Mechanic and Related Update

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The IAM had very limited farmout at NWA, farmouts increased under AMFA's reign and now NWA outsources ALL heavy maintenance and most of the line under AMFA's reign.

How come under AMFA's reign before the strike they lost 50% of the mechanic and related that the IAM had when they were on the property?
Here's a "blast from the Past" for ya Mr. 7. It's from 2003 on this board.

"If you want the IAM to stay representing US Airways, put the members first and try to be as truthful as possible. Maybe the IAM will learn from the past and stop being AMFA''s strongest campaigner.

By the way, the farmouts of NWA aircraft to domestic and foreign MRO''s began while the IAM was still representing the mechanics at NWA. Why is that never mentioned?"
may have started but it grew even more under the successor union at several companies. ;)