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PITbull said:
The only way to force them to leave now and look for a CEO out there who is willing to stay for the Long-term haul of our carrier, is for all the Labor leaders to sign onto a letter to present to Bronner to request their dismisal.
Would such a letter from the union reps work?
Posted on Nov 16 2003, 02:43 AM

Would such a letter from the union reps work?
Of course not.

Management, the Board of Directors, and their lawyers, have a court order not to outsource heavy maintenance. Their response is to park those planes until......? Their waiting for something, and it's not labors cooperation.

Chip thinks its United, their exit financing, and emergence from bankruptcy. If he's right, we'll have a long difficult winter, followed by a long hot summer.
(Those of us who are still employed here.)

If we want this company to make money and provide a secure career for us, we need to wrest control from the current adminstration. We're certianly not going to do that by sending letters to the quiet, appearantly complicit B.O.D.. (Labor "Representatives" included).
to compete with these low cost carriers, we need at least 30% raises to all the unions, larger planes on thiner routes, twice the vacation time, shorter work days etc..... I believe this is the solution.
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