What's with CCAir?


Aug 19, 2002
[P]What''s going on with that airline? First I heard that there were threats of a shut-down. Then there was a TA with the pilots. Then I heard that ALPA National refused to sign off. Then I heard that BOTH CCAir ALPA and CCAir attempted to force the contract through the courts. Then I heard of a 90 day notice to terminate flying. Now I hear that they''re trying to negotiate not only a new TA but also a J4J deal. [/P]
[P]What the heck is happening?[/P]
[P]Frankly, I could see Mesa taking CCAir, moving it down to Florida, acquiring a couple extra Dash-8s (the ones PI and AL parted with) and taking over PI''s old routes - especially now that UA and US are paired up. Eventually, a RJ or two may appear down there. [/P]
[P]Anybody else see this as plausible?[/P]
I think any future with CCAir will have to be with RJs. Rumor has it CCAir is trying to get J4J added into their current contract, which I would assume Mesa would like, since it would allow MAG to place more of their jets on USAirways property. I believe Mesa has no interest in having any more of their carriers run turboprops, and I definately don't expect Mesa to acquire any more Dash 8s.
Siegel has also stated in one of his road shows that intra-Florida flying will be the last place to see RJ growth - the hubs come first.