Accountability at the top


Aug 19, 2002
Ok, I''m a little irritated and will take this
opportunity to vent some frustration.
Working in reservations the last two weeks has
been torture. When you read the abandonment percentage
levels....people who hang up the phone and give up
without speaking to an agent ... at record high numbers have to ask yourself,
Why are we letting money fly out of the window and
to another carrier???
Yes I understand cutting costs but passengers having
to wait half an hour to give us money is ridiculous.
Once again management states their projections were
incorrect. Again, no one is accountable for these
costly errors. One can only guess how much money
we could have made this week if we could have had
proper staffing.
Kerry and Dave.....wish you could talk to some
of our passengers ...
I also notice when someone waits so long, they are
more likely to have you check three or four scenarios,
they put holds on reservations they are not even sure
of, just because they know they won''t be able to
get back through. Also, you have double the irates
of a normal day, due to customer frustration.
Hope with the recall of agents next week it gets better.
But my faith in management is fading.
Sorry you have to continue working under such hostile conditions.This is why people in reservations and certain ato's have been absolutely livid over the furloughs. Now it is a feeling of numbness and who cares.
It is understandable to layoff/furlough when times are slow..but times are not slow based on today's and even yesterday's diminished manpower and the continued demand for answers and cus service. Knowing that 1 out of 4 or up to 2 out of 5 of all calls have been "abandoned", giving away potential business to other airlines, is mismanagement in its sickest most pathetic form and the Dave and Kerry Muppet show(Cookie Monster and Miss Piggy) couldn't care less and didn't have the foresight or business education to prevent any of this. How do they expect respect and cooperation when they are still, 6 months to a year later after taking drastic actions, mismanaging this company into the ground? And then you still have your supervisors looking over your shoulders every second hoping you'll trip up so they can suspend/fire you?
No thank you. Keep those free severed paychecks -a- coming, making more money now than before(with unemp.)with tons less stress and more inner pride and self respect than over, say the last 2 years, working under The Dumb and Dumber Frick and Frack regime.
(uh oh, starting to sound a little like lilninj here, maybe he was onto sumthin')