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VER would be a nice destination, typical fares from PHL are $800 with one and sometimes two changes required.

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phllax said:
While PVR, MZT, SJD, GDL, and MTY would be nice, remember that they are on the West coast, and we all know how much trouble they have finding the West Coast cities of the US! B)
True, but the driving factor on the west coast cities is the average fare - which owing to the LCCs is horribly low.

Why fly to PDX for $199 round trip when you can fly to ACA for $650 round trip???

I just priced out PHL-ACA based upon a 7 day trip to Acapulco in April (essentially a honeymooner itinerary) - $679 round trip with fares on AA as high as $800 round trip.

Talk about a gold mine.