Looks like management got

The regular pension fund would have paid Carty 200K a year after retirement. Now, thanks to this little slush fund, that figure could easily be 900K. Just how much of YOUR hard earned dollars, blood, sweat and tears keeping AA going do you suppose they siphoned off to fund this little jackpot in order to more than quadruple the original retirement amount?

The right way would have been FULL DISCLOSURE at the time they did it. Now, they need to disclose how much money they have socked away in this little private fund of theirs.

Conversion for personal enrichment is illegal, no matter how much indemnity paperwork you write up!

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And how would you have handled it if you were running the show? At least they didn''t drop 40 million on the way to BK the way Seigal and company did.
The way I figure it, management secured themselves with this pension so they could continue onto bankruptcy with no worries of the courts removing them from their positions. Its like going on permanent vacation with PAY! BASTARDS!
The executives deserve pay and bonuses, however, NOT when they are standing on the soapbox saying we need help...shared sacrifice...all while they are packing there golden parachutes and lining up there bonuses 2 years from now. I have no respect for a LIAR (Caarty) nor will I ever go the extra mile for AA again until he is removed from his position. Remember that the next time your sitting on the plane for a maintenance delay, if it takes longer than they thought, it''s probably to be sure I am going the "extra mile"
Amazing. It''s all your hard earned dollars. They just sit around and do nothing. Actually, they put in a full day''s work (thus not allowing them to sit around on chat boards at all hours of the day). Why is it so wrong to provide them the same benefit you''re afforded through the PBGC? They don''t have that. This is all a PR game. Notice EVERY company is releasing this now (DAL just went through this). What is your idea of fair? Union employees all get top dollar, execs work for free and the company has zero profit? What balance do you suggest they go for? I hate to let you folks down, but it''s not exactly east to entice smart people with understanding of the business to come in and run a company...and that''s in good times. At a time like this would you like another Glenn Tilton (stumbling his way around UAL) to run you right to the brink of extinction? Absolutely stupid. You have no clue how to take your eye off of the microcosmic world you get to operate in and start looking at what it takes to get things done. Try stopping for one minute and thinking about what it takes to try and please all of you fools at every little turn in the road. That alone is enough to get what the execs make.
Looks like employees may have gotten a little bit back!

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$350,000 Of Gold Dust Grabbed At MIA

MIAMI -- A bucket lost a Miami International Airport may have set off a few metal detectors -- it held 73 pounds of unrefined gold dust worth nearly $350,000.
Miami-Dade police are looking for the powder, which was shipped to Miami from Honduras and arrived March 5.
A police report states that American Cargo employee Jose Martelo received six buckets of gold at a terminal gate, then made several rounds to different gates to pick up other items.
Martelo said he was at in the next concourse when he realized one bucket was missing. Police were called, but the bucket was not recovered.
Martelo said Thursday that he wouldn''t name the company that shipped the gold or indicate where it was going.
"I don''t think the company wants me to discuss anything," he said.
Despite several interviews, police remained stumped. So they decided to go public with the investigation, said spokesman Juan DelCastillo.
In its current form, there''s not much you can do with the dust, experts said.
But a furnace that many jewelry dealers have could melt it down into gold bars or jewelry that could be sold easily, said Marvin Luterman, chief operating officer of Republic Metals Corp.
At Thursday''s gold prices, the powder was worth about $348,000. (AP)

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I rarely expect union folks to go the extra anything, let alone a mile. I reserve expectations like that for mgmt. You know, the salaried people who work the long hours and don''t complain. For those who do go the perceived "extra mile", 99 times out of 100, they normally get there mile back with change on another day. Socialists believe way too much in equality to give without getting back...